Back to School

In the Bishop household, today is the end of summer. The kids don’t officially start school until the 28th, but tomorrow we’ll slowly get back into our routine. This is the first summer where I let our routine go to crap. With twins, I have always had us on a pretty strict schedule.

This summer, however, I let my hair down and threw our schedule out the window. To say the least it has been a very nice relaxing summer. The kids have stayed up late, which resulted in them not getting up until late (YAY!). This is a first for me, and one I have enjoyed immensely. I have always had early risers, getting to sleep in until 9:30 and not go to bed until 1:00 has been awesome. I’m a night owl, I just don’t get to be, LOL. Dinner was made whenever dinner was made. Nothing was planned. If I decided to pack us up and take them to the park, we just did it. Spur of the complete moment.

Tomorrow everything changes and we are back on schedule. First things first, we’ll start by getting up at 6:30. (Cringe. I HATE mornings.) Breakfast first thing, getting dressed, luckily tomorrow morning we have Kindergarten testing, so we will get out of the house as if we are actually going to school. Then back home, where our day will go as normal, but dinner will be at six, baths after dinner, and then 8:00 bedtime. I figure this next week will be rough with the girl. My son wakes up with a smile on his face and a spring in step. My daughter is me to the core. She wakes up with a scowl, and will bite your head off in a minute after getting up. With her getting up about two hours earlier than normal, I figure her normal bad mood will intolerable as will mine. LOL. So it should be interesting.

Once school starts, we’ll have to add homework and sports to the schedule, but I’m not worrying about that right now.

So I am saying my official goodbye to summer. I’ll miss you. And I am welcoming in the new school season. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get some writing done now. That is one thing that I have missed over the last three months. Writing has not come easy to me with my two little mischievous creatures at home. I’d sit down and then notice the silence. Silence and children equals doom. And it never failed they were getting into something. Then, of course, you’d have the typical summer stuff. I’m a doer. I love to do things. So it was off to the park, the pool, picnics, and what not. For me, fall will bring me much more time. YAY!

I have plans and I can’t wait to have the silence, not the scary oh-my-God-what-in-the-heck-are-they-getting-into silence, but the sigh-no-ones-in-the-house-I-am-completely-alone silence. Ya’ll know the difference. LOL. Just two more weeks and I will have that back and I can focus again!


Carly Carson said...

I am so longing for that silence! One of my kids finished school on March 13 last year. One doesn't start until Sept. 29 this year (but who's counting, lol). It is so difficult for me to work when people are around. It's my biggest weakness.

Nicole North said...

Great post! Oh man, I can totally relate to your daughter. I always hated getting up early for school. Enjoy that silence again, and writing. :)

annmariegamble said...

I can relate to the time shifting, too. Finally, this summer, no early a.m. visitors in my bedroom, but yes, this week the alarm clock goes back on in an effort to make next week (when my kids' school starts) slightly less coffee-inducing for me.

Carol Ericson said...

Esme, my boys don't start school until Sept. 9th, so we have a few weeks to go and a vacation to Yellowstone to enjoy first. A few days before school, I'll get them to bed earlier and up earlier, so they're not in complete shock the first day.