The Age Old Question -- Boxers or Briefs?

by Kristin Daniels

As I sat down to write this week's blog, I admit my Erotic Romance author mind took over a bit and I ended up struggling to figure out the difference in
A Clothes Make the Man theme and our ever-fascinating Eye Candy theme. So forgive me if this post comes across a little eye candy-ish. Really, it's not my fault, my muse just grabbed hold and ran!

If clothes make the man, then what does his choice in underwear say? In my, ahem, research, I discovered I could spend hours trying to find the answer. There's a web
site dedicated to what your favorite celebrity wears (, and Hasbro even has a board game called Boxers or Briefs? (! That cracked me up, LOL.

So girls (and guys, too!)
, what do you think ? What's your preference?

Let the debate begin!


Armenia said...

Oh, I relish the tight briefs. It shows, um, the package right up front. Although, I notice that European styles tend towards binkinis that hug "the huevos" quite nicely but probably are not that popular except in the bedroom.

Keena Kincaid said...

I personally prefer boxers, but as a writer of medieval historicals, my hero's options are braies or commando.

Esmerelda Bishop said...

Combo, please. Boxer briefs, yum!!!

Kristin said...

So the tally so far:

Briefs - 1
Boxers - 1
Boxer Briefs - 1

A three-way split! Thanks for the comments, ladies!

Nicole North said...

Great post! Not sure what that last guy is wearing but I love it. Another vote for boxer briefs from me please (if he isn't going commando.) :) One reason I like boxer briefs is they have a sexy "athletic" look about them.

Estella said...

I prefer the briefs.

Natasha said...

Another vote for boxer briefs :)
Thanks, Kristin, for bringing this intriguing question to our attention.

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

I couldn't make up my mind. They all looked yummy! Course mine go without...easier to shapeshift. :)