What Would You Indulge In?

I’m starting off this week’s theme word: indulgence. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to indulge in anything in months. LOL. What I can tell you is what I would indulge in if one or two things happened 1) I had the money or 2) I had the time.

A) Vacation to the beach. Yep. I would love to take a long weekend, a folding chair and a book and sit by the shore for hours on end. No worries, just me and the ocean breeze. Ohh, can’t forget the mixed drink! Really, how could I relax completely without the soothing effects of alcohol? For the simple interest of fantasy, since this is stuff I wish to do, the beach wouldn’t be any old beach. No, I’d settle for nothing less than the Caribbean, where the water is so clear and blue you can see the sting rays swimming, which means I wouldn’t get in the water, but it would be pretty cool to watch. I’d lay there with my sunglasses perched on my nose, with a twenty-something, tanned and muscular cabana boy who answers to my every whim. Ah, now that is a nice image!

B) On a lesser scale, I’d love to curl up with a book. I haven’t had time to read in a long, long time. The kids would go stay with their Nana for the weekend, and my apartment would suddenly turn into a cabin in the mountains with a roaring fire in the fireplace. Snow would lightly fall outside the window (I am sooooo sick of summer right now). I’d settle down in one of those over-plush, leather, lazy boys, throw a fleece blanket over me and read for hours. Me and a book, and no interruptions. Paradise.

C)Spa weekend. Who couldn’t use a full weekend of complete pampering? Goodness knows, I could. I’d get the whole kit and caboodle. A facial, massage, mani/pedi, hell, I may even partake in a mud bath. I’d walk around in one of those white robes all weekend and take all my food in my room. I would soak up the quiet and store it away. When I returned home, I’d be so completely relaxed and happy you’d think I was Snow-freaking-White. Oh, look at the pretty blue-bird.

I spend a lot of time dreaming about what I’d indulge in. My indulgences right now is getting in an hour of True Blood or taking a bath without the kids crashing into the bathroom. LOL. It never hurts to think about it though. One day, I will have the time and money to do this and my list will no longer be fantasy but a reality. Gosh, that sounds nice!

So if you could indulge in anything, what would it be?



Donna said...

A. Spending a week on a Whale Watching Cruise with my hubby and I the only passengers.
B. A spa weekend with my girlfriends
C. A trip to Ireland to visit my sister.
D. A Manx kitten for my daughter.

Nicole North said...

Sigh. Nice post! I love beaches and listening to the ocean. So I'd indulge in a beach trip too. Other ways I'd love to indulge: hire someone to clean my house and do the yard work. Travel to Scotland 5 times a year. :)

Natasha Moore said...

I vote for a lazy beach vacation too. Mmm, the surf and the sand. The book and the booze and the cabana boy. :)