End of Summer Motivation

So... it's Friday, and it's the end of August. I've been telling myself all summer long that once the kids go back to school, I'll jump full-force back into my WIP.

I'm not going to lie... that really didn't happen this week.

Why, you ask? I'm trying to figure that out myself! I've had such a great summer, I guess I just don't want it to end. But, my WIP -- or my characters -- won't wait around forever. I hear them in the back of my head, little whispers telling me it's time to get back to work. I'm listening, I really am, but I need MOTIVATION!




J Hali said...

Yeah, I'm warmer now...umm, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Holy hotness!

Kristin said...

Kinda just warms the... Well, you get the idea :)

Cara Bristol said...

This is a contest, right? We get to win one of those?

Kristin said...

LOL, Cara! Oh, if only.... :))

Tibby Armstrong said...

Well it sure as heck did the trick for me! Thanks KD! ;)