Guest Interview: Dominique Sinclair

Everyone, please welcome our special guest, Dominique Sinclair.

Having lived in Africa, Mexico and around the United States as a child, Dominique calls the desert landscapes of Eastern Washington State home. When not writing, you can find her reading, dancing (everything from ballroom, two-stepping to Salsa) and growing weeds in her garden (she's given up on the vegetables!). Dominique is also a bookkeeper and tax specialist and graduate of the Citizen's Police Academy (for research.... there was no inappropriate flirting with the handsome men in uniform...). She is also an ordained minister and performs wedding ceremonies, a job she loves! Her family consists of two wonderful teenagers (yes, you just read the words wonderful and teenagers in the same sentence!), a very goofy Burmese Mountain Dog named Sawyer (after Sawyer on Lost!).

Welcome Dominique! Sounds like you have an exciting life! Please tell us about The Edge in Secrets Volume 29 Indulge Your Fantasies.

Edge is a hot, fast-paced adventure story of Catalina, a woman hell bent on tracking down a dangerous man in Mexico. Problem is, her old lover and partner, Noah, shows up with orders to bring her back to headquarters. Ambushed and forced deep into the jungle, Cat and Noah have more than bad guys to deal with, they have raw emotion, betrayal and their intimate past to deal with. Oh, and a pair of handcuffs to get off.

I love adventure. What inspired you to write this story?

The characters are my inspiration for every story I write. They come to me in the quiet moments of my mind. Some are fleeting and don’t stay around long. Others whisper to me and beg me to find out who they are, why they are here, where they are going. I give them a voice. It was Catalina’s mother who actually inspired Edge. Her terrible death and betrayal by the man she loved. The daughter she would never know.

When it comes to writing, what motivates you?

I am motivated to stay out of the mental hospital. If I don’t pretend all these voices in my head are characters, someone is going to question my sanity.

LOL! Which element of this story was most fun for you?

The danger, excitement and sex. Enough said.

For sure! Do you have any advice for unpublished authors?

Find an easier occupation. Unless you truly enjoy being rejected, your hard work torn apart, the best of your soul laid before complete strangers to be critiqued, talked about, loved and hated. Still listening? Write. Good, bad, right or wrong, just do it.

Please tell us what you have coming up.

I am currently working on another novella for Red Sage and dipping my toe in a non-fiction book.

Best of luck with that! Would you like to ask blog readers a question?

Boxers or briefs?

Great question! Please visit Dominique's website at:


Carly Carson said...

Boxer briefs. Sorry, couldn't resist. Nothing saggy and baggy. lol Vol. 29 is already on my list thanks to Nicole so now I'm looking forward to your story as well.

Dominique said...

Nice. I'm a huge fan of boxer briefs myself :)

xo Dominique

Nicole North said...

Welcome Dominique!

I love boxer briefs too! They're sexy! :)

Nancy Bristow said...

Boxer briefs...or commando or boxers or briefs. I don't like to discriminate;)

Your a new-to-me author Dominique but the interview about The Edge certainly caught my attention. If I don't win Secrets Vol. 29, I will eventually add it to my library. I've been a Secrets fan for years and that's saying something as I generally don't buy's just that the novellas in any Secrets volume are exceptional:)

Carol said...

I'm not sure what they wear but I'd like to imagine they go commando.

Anonymous said...

i like them all but nice briefs for me

congrats on the book