Indulgence - 5 Star Hotels

Here’s something I love to splurge on – a fancy hotel. Keep the designer clothes, the gourmet restaurants. Let me borrow a luxurious home away from home with top-notch service. Even better, I love to stay in a 5 star resort and not pay a penny. Since I am married to Traveling Man, who has lots of hotel points, I do get to enjoy this benefit more than the average person.

A few years back, we visited an Iberostar Resort on the “Mayan Riveria” in Mexico. Hubby had arranged free rooms for a one-week stay in this all-inclusive resort. We always let him check in because he always makes magic. This time, he flashed his business card and they upgraded us to the Presidential Suite for us, and the Queen’s Suite for the kids. (Don’t ask why it wasn’t King and Queen, but the important part was that the two suites were adjoining and had a connecting door.)

This was my first time ever in a Presidential Suite, and it was spectacular. It had a HUGE living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room plus 2 baths and a walk in closet. Naturally, it was right on the beach and had a private deck complete with hot tub. Every morning the maids would artfully arrange the towels in decorative designs strewn with real rose petals.

Moving on, last year, the hotel industry was in the doldrums because of the bad economy. I seized the opportunity to book another 5-star hotel for a very reasonable price. We stayed at the Sacher Hotel in Salzburg. This landmark institution was all I could have hoped for and more. The picture (upper left) is the bar, but the entire public part of the hotel was decorated like this in an elegant, but comfortable style. The main lobby is a big atrium open to the full height of the hotel (four floors) with a glass ceiling, gold and iron filigree open staircases that looked like lace, and antiques and 19th century art work.

I have to share a couple more pictures. On the left is the cafe, where Austria's famous pastries are served. On the right is the smaller dining room where we ate breakfast overlooking a garden and the river. It was so charming and, the famous Sacher Torte, for which the hotel is known, was offered every day in the buffet. I know, dessert for breakfast, but who could resist? Calories don’t count on vacation.

Does anyone have a great hotel they can recommend? I’m actually traveling right now, but staying in a Best Western tonight. Lol.

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