Evolution of Magic

When I was a kid, magic was separating a thumb from a hand. I still remember the awe as the magician wiggled his completely attached fingers in front of my face then covered his left hand with his right palm only to have the thumb detach from the hand and slide across his fingers. As I grew older, magic became more elaborate to disappearing buildings and levitating.

As an adult, I am still awed by an awesome trick, but the definition of magic has taken on a whole new meaning. Magic is no longer just tricks and illusions. Magic is hearing the pure delight of my son’s cackle when he finds something hilarious. Magic is watching my daughter create six-year old masterpieces with her artistic mind. Magic is the smell of my mom’s cooking, which smells even better now that I’ve been away from home for twelve years. Magic is the taste of an ice-cold beer after a long, stressful day. Magic is the simple pleasures in life.

What do you find magical in life?

I wanted to share a review of The Panther’s Lair I received from Night Owl Review. Panther’s received Five-stars and Night Owl Reviews Top Pick.

Steamy, sexy and full of a hot French man with an accent that will melt you in 2 seconds flat, Panther's Lair will leave you satisfied!! Poor Sydney did not have a chance against Raimond, a true alpha male! When the two main characters came together the sex was hot and so very erotic that it will leave you in search for your own man!!


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