Light Bulb Moment

I hope you will forgive me if I am a little bit tired, a little bit brain-dead, and a little bit late with this post. I just spent and exciting, exhausting, illuminating four days at the Romance Writers of America National conference in Orlando, Florida. Then yesterday morning my husband and I took off for a seven hour drive to visit family in Georgia.

I don’t have the time, space or energy to cover my four days conference experience this morning, but I’d just like to share a couple thoughts with you. The best thing about the conference for me was getting to meet and spend time with writing friends, some I’d never met face to face before. The next best thing was to simply be able to immerse myself in the writing world, away from all the other concerns in our lives.

There were times when I’d see or hear some authors I admire and I’d think, I’ll never be able to… write like that…sell like that…be famous like that… But then other times, I’d be overwhelmed with the feeling that I can do my own version of a writing career.

And though I’ve heard it before – a light bulb went off for me. My writing career won’t be like anyone else’s, just like my writing isn’t like anyone else’s. And neither is my life. But I can make my writing the best that I can make it, and that will lead me to my writing career. The one I’m meant to have.

As soon as I get back from vacation.

So have you had any light bulb moments?



Nicole North said...

It was fantastic meeting you, Natasha!! Yes, sometimes I have lightbulb moments similar to yours. I simply have to believe I can achieve anything I want. Hugs!

Carly Carson said...

I just had a lightbulb moment while reading your post and saw my new cover on the sidebar. Nicole is so on top of things! Honestly. And she was at conference.

I can't wait to hear news about the conference from anyone who was there.

I've had so many lightbulb moments since starting this gig. But my favorite is still from Nora: Just Write. You can't fix a blank page.

Natasha Moore said...

It was great meeting you too, Nicole! We have to keep on believing!

Hey Carly! Awesome new cover! Congrats. And it is so easy to get caught up in all the other parts of this biz that we don't give ourselves enough time to simply write.