Fall Season Line Up is Back

Anyone else excited about the start up of the new Fall season of shows? One more week and my nights will be full of Gregory House and Grey’s Anatomy again. I must say I have missed them over the summer and can’t wait for next week.

I’m one of those people who have a show for almost every night of the week, the summer is a lull, of course, but come mid-September I’m ready to get back into my programs and for all the loose ends to be tied off. I must say, though, that some of my shows left me with a what the hell mentality and you know big changes are about to start.

House being one of them. I cannot express how much I love that sarcastic, who gives a crap doctor. I thought last season was one of their best, with a hook that left no doubt that this season will be like none other. Truly, how are they going to have the cold-heartened Dr. House save the lives of the people from a mental institute? If anyone can do it, it will be him, but I have a little worry of the chemistry between the other characters being lost because of this. If he is in a separate place, then I’m not going to get my Wilson/House fix. I love watching those two on the screen together. The season Wilson spent being mad at House was my least favorite. The back and forth barbs they share remind of two brothers who have a love/hate relationship. I love that. So I’m really interested to see how the writers work to keep that going.

Another one that has me anxious is Medium. (I must say I totally dig the dad, he's a hottie) Could NBC have been any ruder dropping the show like it did without warning the viewers? Can you say total panic attack? There was no warning, none. I was in my happy, it’s Monday night, woot woot place when I hear Series Finale. What? What did that just say? How is that possible? Canceled? That makes no sense; they totally didn’t tie this up! Frantic searches later, I find out CBS has picked up the show. Whew. Then came in the new set of worries. With new writer and a new network, I fear they may take away the charm that drew me to Medium in the first place. I guess only time will tell, but I hope they do the show that I have come to love justice.

And of course, we shall not forget Grey’s Anatomy. I was extremely disappointed with the show when they released the news back in June of who would not be returning. Well, let’s just ruin the cliffhanger for those of us that like cliffhangers. Geez. If you haven’t read that breaking news then I won’t ruin it for you by stating it here. But the interesting part about the seaon finale back in May was two actors, who where rumored to be on thin ice with the network, were set up to leave the show. Oh!! What a perfect setup. Air their dirty laundry throughout the year about the situations brewing off screen, then leave the watchers wondering what would happen, only to tell us four weeks later. Totally not cool. So even though I will watch Grey’s next Thursday, its not with that sense of excitement I get by finally getting to see the outcome. I already know what it is. *scowls*

Anyway which shows are you anticipating their return?


Carol Burnside said...

Yep, I'm dying for House to return. Medium I've only seen a couple times. Grey's Anatomy is on my TIVO list as well as Numb3rs, CSI, Brothers & Sisters, Criminal Minds and NCIS. After seeing a few shows during the hiatus, I'm adding NCIS LA, Criminal Minds, Mental and Castle.

Carol Ericson said...

Esme, since I'm an HBO/Showtime series fan, I don't follow the fall TV show schedule. One of my faves, True Blood, just had its series finale as will Hung and Entourage. But Dexter should be starting up in the fall, and I think The Tudors returns in the winter or spring. So the seasons keep rolling around for the different shows.

Esmerelda Bishop said...

Carol B.--there has been a few shows has caught my attention and I'm trying not to add them, lol. One being that one coming out where everyone is knocked out on earth at the same time and everyone saw one glimpse into the future. I thought that was such an awesome idea. I just don't need anymore shows, lol.

Carol E.-I just watched the finale of True Blood too. Sigh. I hate waiting. I LOVE that show and I could totally go without breaks even though I know the actors need them, lol.