Fall is here!

Fall. I’ll have to take one after Anne on this one. Fall is not my favorite season either. Though, I do dislike winter the most. Some people look forward to the colder days approaching. Me? All I keep thinking is jackets and shoes and cringe. Yep, that’s me. A no-shoe wearer. My footwear of choice as soon as it warms up is flip-flops. But the end is coming and I will be forced to wear socks. Oh. The. Horror.

But there are a couple of things I do like about fall. My shows returned (did you see my post last week?). House was pretty good. Curious on the rest of the season, I actually enjoyed the dynamics of the mental institute. It was a refreshing change. Grey’s? Well, let’s just say I guess they worked with what they had in case you haven’t seen it yet. And Medium starts tonight.

Fires will soon be lit in the fireplace. We have wood burning stove and I love the smell it creates throughout the house. Also love the sound of the popping wood. Very soothing.

LOL. I’m on my front porch writing this and just looked up and remembered another thing I do like about Fall. The bugs/bees are gone. We have had a horrible summer with the yellow jacket. Can’t wait for those stinging little critters to burrow deep and do whatever it is they do in the winter.

Halloween is another huge bonus for me. I love that day. It is my favorite holiday. We throw a huge party at my place. One for the adults. Everyone looks forward to it. A night away from their kids, so the parents can dress up and act like children. You are not permitted into my house without a costume on. LOL. Though, I must admit, my BIL has tested that rule every year. I don’t argue, it fits his personality and the day he does show in a costume, watch out, hell hath frozen over. LOL.

I also enjoy trick or treating with the kids. We have this great neighborhood around these parts that remind me of when I was a kid. You know the ones where you felt safe to go, kids littered the street their ghoulish costumes, and you didn’t worry about anything. Those are few and far between anymore. We park on one side and walk the entire block. There is this house, we save it for last, that is awesome. The people who own it go all out every year. Chainsaws, coffins, fog machine, the whole nine yards. You just don’t see that very much anymore and for me that is a really sad thing. Some of my fondest memories as a child are going up to these decked out houses and have that little bit of fright. Maybe why I still love a haunted house to this day. Speaking of which, I will have to book a weekend night to go to the Haunted Mill sometime soon.

Halloween. Yep, that makes up for the bulky clothes, jackets, shoes, shivering at the bus stop with the kids that is comingJ



Carol Ericson said...

Esme, I'm with you. Winter is my least favorite season because I don't like cold weather or the rain (during the day - rain at night is nice, but just not when I have to go out and drive in it). Your town sounds like ours when it comes to Halloween - lots of decorations, lots of kids up and down the streets, lots of homemade haunted houses. Happy fall!

Donna Marie Rogers said...

I love fall, it's my favorite season just as Halloween is my very favorite holiday! I usually deck the house out with a graveyard scene. Last year we caught kids laying down on the ground taking pictures of themselves. It was hilarious...mainly because it was pouring rain!

Loved the season premiere of House, I thought it was phenomenal. I hope the rest of the season is just as good. :-)

Great post, Esme!