Anger and Angst - Can there be too much?

by Kristin Daniels

I’m this close to finishing my WIP—an anger-filled, angst-ridden erotic novella. And as I’m writing, layering and editing it, I’ve had to stop more than once to wonder: can there be too much anger and angst in a story?

I’m a firm believer that there can’t be, but I also love the emotional roller-coaster that characters go through when they’re growing and learning. I have to wonder if all readers, especially erotic readers, feel the same way. Is that something you love to experience right along with the characters, or are you more of the let’s get on with it already type? I’d love to hear your opinions.


Esmerelda Bishop said...

Depends on the anger and what they are angry over. But honestly if a character has a reason to be mad, nothing make ME angrier than them getting over it too quickly LOL. But in real life I can hold a grudge, lol.

JennDorough said...

I'm writing an erotic manuscript and I too wonder when is the angst and anger enough. I'm wrapping mine up and am happy with the rollacoaster.

Jocelyn Devon said...

I like the roller coaster ride along with it.

December said...

Funny you posted this today... I was just screwing around with this in my own WIP. (pun intended ha ha.)
For me - I struggle with how much is too much / too little.

I count on my CP's to pull me back or push me further.

*Esme is fantastic for pushing me on this!!*

Nicole North said...

I think it depends on what the story and characters dictate. So long as the anger and angst has the right motivation, it's great!