Cover Envy

This past week I was lucky enough to see several drafts of covers for my upcoming Red Sage Presents short story, The Better to Eat You With. Lucky, because my editor asked for my opinion and input on the cover. The first cover idea, although it was a nice cover, just didn't fit the story and my editor agreed. (If you can't tell from the title, it's a twist on Little Red Riding Hood and my editor and I have taken to calling it my "big bad Wolfe" story.)

Now I have such admiration for cover artists. They take the few bits of information we give them and design marvelous works of art that will hopefully give readers an idea of the story and tempt them to want to read the story. While I may be somewhat creative with words, I have no visual creativity at all. I simply can't imagine what a cover should look like, but in this case I did mention I'd love to somehow depict a "big bad Wolfe."

I was given two options and they were both awesome. One, my editor and I agreed, was perfect for my Red Riding Hood reunion story. And I'm posting that sexy cover below for your sneak peek. But the other, was it hot!!! This cover, a headshot of a wet, sexy guy, made my mouth water. I wanted this cover too! I knew it would attract readers. I knew I wanted a hero who looked just like that, who took brooding bad boy to a whole new level. So I may have begged to my editor, only half in jest, to let me have both covers. And I promised an awesome story to go along with the second cover.

Here's the cover for The Better to Eat You With, a November 1st release from eRed Sage. I love the muscular, slightly older, definitely wolfish hero.

And no, I can't show you the other cover yet, but the wonderful art department is holding the cover for me. So now I'll have to write this hero's story. I can't wait. I've already printed out the headshot for inspiration. :-)

So how important do you think covers are?



ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Natasha!

I'm one who is a firm believer that covers should convey something about the story and/or characters. Your cover is fantastic and gives me a tap into that sexy hero even before I purchase the book ;)

I'm a very visual person. A great cover will persuade me to pick up or check out a book. From there I'll read the blurb and the first chapter. Otherwise, unless it's an author for whose work I'm on the lookout, or one by a favorite author, a mundane cover will find me passing by the book without a second glance.

Happy holiday weekend wishes,


Nicole North said...

Yummy, hot cover, Natasha!! Congratulations! And how cool to get to write a story to fit the other cover. That's fun! I think covers are important because in a lot of cases they can make or break a sale to a reader, especially if they haven't read your work before. Red Sage has some awesome ones!

Natasha said...

Hi, Shawna! I think we all say a little prayer to the cover gods to deliver us an awesome cover that will draw a reader to our books long enough to tempt them with the story.

Hey Nicole. I agree, Red Sage covers are wonderful!