Structuring Your Manuscript for More Impact Online Workshop

MAY 5-30, 2008

Structuring Your Manuscript for More Impact!

Have you just started your mss and you're at a loss already? Have you finished the mss and need help structuring it so that it has the kind of impact that will compel readers, agents, and editors to keep reading?

Whether you're a plotter who sets up the whole mss from start to finish, or a pantser who writes from the seat-of-the-pants, from the writer who is just beginning, to the one who has finished a mss and needs some help, this workshop is for you! We'll discuss the major components of a mss-the Scene and Sequel, what makes them work and how to make they better. We talk about the anatomy of scenes and sequels, flashbacks, transitions, opening and climax scenes, conflict, characterization and more. I'll give examples and work with you on how to improve your own mss. Afterward, you should be able to identify what makes your story catch the reader's interest and what needs to be reworked to do a better job.

Please join Terry Spear, the online presenter of Happy Hookers and 3-D Characterizations, for a workshop on Structuring Your Manuscript for More Impact!

Offered by: Outreach International

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