Foto Friday - a visit to my garden

This week, different flowers are blooming. Here are some species tulips. I've forgotten the exact name but I'm sure it's Dutch and hard to spell or pronounce. :-) These tulips are much smaller than regular ones but the bonus is they come back year after year and spread by making more bulbs. (Whereas normal size tulips disappear eventually.) And I really love the way they look. Cute.

Below are primroses which have been in my family for a long time. These hybridize themselves and spread by seeds. I never know what a new seedling's blooms will look like. I love those surprises!

Below are two kinds of double daffodils or Narcissus. Also trouble free and lovely.


ShawnaMoore said...

Vonda, you have most beautiful garden! The pictures of those blooms inspired me to write a really romantic scene in my current wip :)

Happy weekend wishes,


Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks so much Shawna!! Glad you liked them!

Eliza Knight said...

Beautiful flowers Vonda! I do not have a green thumb at all, you are so talented!

Elen Grey said...

These flowers are absolutely gorgeous, Vonda, and you take beautiful photographs.