Anne Rainey serves up some Forbidden Fruit

Hi, today I'm happy to say we have Red Sage author Anne Rainey as a guest here!

Anne lives in a small town way out in the middle of no-where-ville. She is a gorgeous blonde with wonderful curves and a money tree in the backyard. She never wants for anything and she always loves everyone. Of course, she wasn't always this way.

It all started on one Rainey day, as she was sitting on her comfy couch, reading a romance novel and sipping a hot chocolate. She realized the book she was reading seemed to lack a certain 'vavavoom!'. Thus, the talented, beautiful, and rich Anne Rainey was born.

Clearly, Anne is a mere figment. A ghostly figure that pops in and out of my head like a drive-by author. Nevertheless, I do so love it when she's visiting, because her imagination really is wickedly delicious! She'll bring you fantasies and erotic delights that will have you grabbing the ice water!

Nicole North: Welcome Anne! What a sexy cover! Please tell us about Forbidden Fruit out now from eRed Sage.

Anne Rainey: Veterinarian assistant, Ava Sweet has lusted after bad boy Luke McGiffin since high school and she's tired of him treating her like a kid sister. It's time to show the hunky roofer her feminine side.

The plan: let Jen, her best friend, give her a makeover, then tempt Luke right out of his sexy jeans. But can Ava handle a man with such strong appetites or is she in over her head?

Nicole: I love reading about those bad boys. What inspired you to write this story?

Anne: I’ve always wanted to write a ‘makeover’ story and I loved the idea of writing about a heroine who was such a huge tomboy. Totally sexless. It was interesting to give her that makeover and watch Luke, the hero, get all hot and bothered. LOL

Nicole: Sounds like fun! What element of story creation is your favorite?

Anne: The love scenes. I enjoy the many emotions, involving all the senses and watching the scene come alive in front of me. It’s exciting for me to watch two people come together in such a beautiful way. Does that make me a voyeur? LOL

Nicole: If it does, I must be a voyer too. LOL When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Anne: It sort of sneaked up on me. LOL! I hadn’t really thought about it until one day I was reading a book that had zero pizzazz. I wanted to read hotter scenes and more aggressive heroes and what better way than to create them myself? So, I started a book...then reality hit as I realized there’s a lot more to it than sitting down and writing. LOL

Nicole: But you've succeeded! Do you have any advice for those yet unpublished?

Anne: Yes. Research your craft. The internet is such a great tool. There’s tons of information at your fingertips and it’s all free! Another tip: join the RWA as well as your local writing group. Become an active member and get your face out there. Show people you’re serious about getting published.

Nicole: Great advice. What's next for you?

Anne: I’m currently working on a vampire romance series (not erotic). It’s so much fun because it’s such a break from my normal erotic contemporary stuff. The first one comes out later this year with The Wild Rose Press and my editor there has expressed an interest in the whole series, so that’s exciting!

Nicole: Congratulations!!! Would you like to ask blog readers a question?

Anne: What’s your favorite part of a romance? Is it the sexual tension, the love scenes, that first attraction scene, the happy ending, or something different entirely?

Nicole: Good question! Thanks so much, Anne!! It's been a pleasure interviewing you!

Anne: Thanks for the chance to talk about my writing! It was a pleasure.

Nicole: Please click here to buy the book. Hey, it's only 2.99. What a great price!

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Desirée Lee said...

My favorite part of the romance is partly the sexual tension, but also everything else that builds up the relationship between the hero and heroine. There has to be some spark to ignite the flame of passion. I don't like when a hero and heroine lay eyes on each other then immediately jump in to bed. That's a one night stand, not a caring, nurtured relationship.

The sex scenes are bonus. If the story is a good romance, then I think the romance should shine. The sex is great but if the relationship is nothing but sex, then that is not romantic.

Carpe Noctem,

Shannon said...

Great interview ladies! I love the premise of Anne's book - a tomboy girl discovering her own sexuality and beauty. Wonderful idea!

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks for commenting. And I agree. I love sexual tension in a romance. Like the book by Lori Foster, "Wanton". Great example of sexual tension!

Thanks for commenting. Tomboys deserve their day in the sun, too. Am I right? :)

Holly Greenfield said...

Great interview! Forbidden Fruit looks like a great story.
My favorite part of a romance is the resistance... sexual tension I guess it would be. The need to be with each other conflicted with the knowledge they can't have each other. I love the build up of that heart thumping declaration of love.

Pat McDermott said...

Thanks for letting us visit with Anne, Nicole. Anne, I enjoyed reading about your writing. You do a terrific interview for a "figment"! :-)

Lovers who defy odds, overcome obstacles, and don't give up their dream of being together make a good romance for me, especially when they succeed!

Ashley Ladd said...

Great interview and great price for the book. I'll have to check it out.

Do you have any extra seeds for that money tree in your yard???

Anne Rainey said...

Hi Holly!
Thanks for checking out the interview! Yep, that sexual tension seems to be a winner today! Everyone likes the sparks that fly before the big event. :)

Hi Pat,
LOL! I love being a figment. I can be as wild and wicked as I want! Thanks for the comments. I am with you on this one. It's great to see the h/h overcoming the odds. :)

Hi Ashley,
I do have extra seeds, but it'll cost you. LOL! My husband used to tease me so much about having a money tree that it seemed natural to work that into my bio. He, of course, just rolls his eyes. Men!

Jodi said...

Great interview Anne!

My favorite would be the sexual tension between characters. Next, it would the happily ever after because, let's face it, that is why I read romance!

Anonymous said...

i do like the looks, and touches that lead to the bed
the kisses just jump start the tensions

kim h

Nicole North said...

Count me in with the fans of sexual tension. It encompasses so much, not just attraction but also emotion. It can add so much fuel to the fire. ;-)

Thanks everyone for reading Anne's interview!