Choose Your Hero

I know, I know, you've seen this picture before on my posts. I just can't help myself. I'm tossing Becks out here because I'm going to see him tomorrow night - OK, me and about 25,000 other people. That's right, I'm going to a Los Angeles Galaxy soccer game. I'm a big soccer fan, and it has nothing to do with Becks - really, I mean it, trust me! My brother was always a big fan of soccer and went to Mexico for the World Cup in 1986. When the World Cup came to the U.S. in 1994, I went to a few matches at the Rose Bowl. Then I had kids, and they started playing soccer. It has now become their favorite sport to play. We watch all the "soccer" movies, like Goal, Kicking and Screaming, She's the Man, Gracie. We watched the World Cup games on TV when it was held in Germany a few years ago, and we all had our favorite teams (and were thrilled when Italy won it all with penalty kicks!).

My enjoyment of the game and my fondness for this particular soccer player, inspired me to write a romantic comedy about an English soccer star who arrives on the shores of Los Angeles, expecting to find fame, fortune, and accolades. (He finds all that, but more importantly he finds love.) I loved writing this book and had so much fun with it. I think it was special because my hero was fully formed in my head when I started writing the book. Usually, my heroes grow and change as I write them, sometimes surprising me at the end.

Has anyone from real life (you know, that other world that exists outside there somewhere) clicked for you as a hero? Did you see Johnny Depp in the POC movies, snap your fingers, and say, "there's my next pirate"? Did you drool over your keyboard as you fashioned Daniel Craig into your own spy? Do you envision Matt Damon as you crank out your action scenes?

Do dish about the men who inspire your heroes.


Amy Atwell said...

Great photo, Carol--definitely an eye opener over coffee.

Funny that you mention Johnny Depp, because he did inspire the hero in my contemporary romantic comedy, PUBLIC RELATIONS (a 2008 Golden Heart® Finalist). But it wasn't any of his movie roles per se, but an interview he did on The Actors Studio. I was surprised to find Depp so soft-spoken, so unassuming, so down to earth as a person. Such a juxtaposition to the larger-than-life characters he plays on screen. I did the classic writer's What if? What if a soap opera star, at the top of his career, who had always kept his personal life private and low key, suddenly found the media dogging his steps searching for his mystery fiancee--a woman who doesn't even exist?

There are loads of great character icons out there. Thanks for sharing yours.

Tina said...

Yummy pic, Carol!

My first hero was a combination of Alec Baldwin and Matt Lauer (what can I say, I'm a NYer:) with the intelligence and humor of David Duchovny.

And you can bet George Clooney was the inspiration for my pediatrician hero!


Carol Ericson said...

Amy, ahhh, Johnny Depp, no wonder Public Relations is a GH finalist!

Tina, have you seen David D. in the Showtime series Californication? He's very good (and yummy!).

Nicole North said...

Great post, Carol! I know nothing about soccer but some of those players are HOT. Stars often help inspire heroes for me. Sometimes it's only their photo, but other times their personality comes into play too. I've found Oded Fehr and Gerard Butler to be very inspiring. Johnny Depp inspired an interesting secondary character for me and I hope to write his story someday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Carol, for another great post. Most of my characters are inspired by people around me, and not by actors.


ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Carol!

Love the picture. One can never see a great hunk pose too many times ;)

Several members of my family have served as hero prototypes, but one celebrity always come to mind when I'm thinking of writing a cowboy or ranch hand hero. Sam Elliott. Real salt-of-the-earth type there. Something about Sam's soft drawl and gentlemanly ways. He served as a prototype for my hero in SAINTS AND SINNERS, James Melton :)

Happy weekend wishes,


Natasha said...

Have to admit Johnny Depp has inspired a couple of my heroes. Quinn, my cursed pirate, from Quinn's Curse. And Rafael D'Angelo, the reclusive hero is my newest sale to Red Sage - Dark Angel.

Holly Greenfield said...

Johnny Depp inspires a lot of things in me. LOL! I did use Matt McConaughey as a hero in the only contemporary ms I've ever written. Most of the time though my heroes have their own faces. I plan to save the Jonny Depp inspiration for a special occassion. :-) Not sure what book I will use it in, but have no doubts, I will come up with one.

Lexi said...

WOW, Carol! What a pic! And how cool for you to be going to the game. (Well, as I write this you've already seen the game. How was it?)

As for my heroes, they always start out as celebrities but then take on a life all their own. For me, it's been Matt Damon (as Jason Bourne), Mark Wahlberg (as Bob Lee Swagger in Shooter), Scott Elrod (as Cash on Men in Trees) and believe it or not, a bunch of the England soccer players became blueprints for heroes too.