DARA's Dreaming in Dallas

Had a blast at the Dreaming in Dallas conference. If I hadn't had such a horrible cold, I would have stayed longer. But everyone at DARA was really nice and I thoroughly enjoyed the keynote speakers' addresses. I left after lunch though because I was feeling so poorly, but would have loved staying for more of the great lectures and dinner too!

New Review for Heart of the Wolf:

Bella is independent but a realist which makes an interesting alpha heroine. Rather than following the popular trend with multiple shape-shifting types, this book focuses on Wolf packs as lupus garou. I enjoyed that for lupus garou, there are "nationalities" as well as packs. There is enough humor and hot romance to balance the suspense and information in the storyline. HEART OF THE WOLF is an enjoyable romantic suspense and shape shifter story you won't want to miss.
Reviewed by Cy KorteFor eBookIsle.net


Terry Spear
Heart of the Wolf
Winning the Highlander's Heart


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Congrats on the super new review!!!

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Cheers and congratulations on your latest review, Terry! Hope you're feeling better soon.

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