A Picture--Worth A Thousand Words? Or more???

When I was writing my ghost western time travel, I was looking for western pictures to inspire me. Great picture, don't you think?

What does it make you think of? I wonder what he's thinking about? Is he just off a cattle drive? Does he need a back scrub? :)

And this guy?
A Selkie? Caught changing into his human form? Does he need help getting cleaned up??? See where my mind is this morning!

Well, visual stimulation does help me write some of my scenes, from pictures of scenery to get the vegetation right, to photos of people to give me an idea how to describe new characters in the story.

What about you? Do you find pictures stir your imagination?

Terry Spear
Heart of the Wolf


ShawnaMoore said...

Terry, your post immediately caught my attention ;) I'm a very visual woman. Especially loved the cowboy. Small wonder that water isn't boiling over the washtub's edge :) Pictures definitely stir my imagination. A pictures stirs far more than a 1000 words in my mind :)

Happy weekend wishes,


kim h said...

hot yes pics are great .

Vonda Sinclair said...

I would love to help him wash that mud off!!! :-)

Eliza Knight said...

Hi Terry! I was thinking the same things...Yummy! Pictures definitely help to stimulate the mind...among other things, hehehe