Spring What?

My hubby and I were planning a little getaway recently, which we discovered was a terrible idea. Why? Because April is Spring Break month, we discovered. Well, not discovered actually. We knew it, at least once upon a time when our kids were in school. In the old days of elementary, middle, and high school, Spring Break seemed awfully important and we planned it with more energy and drive than a spy mission. Then the college years came along and it didn't seem as important as the holiday seasonal stuff, mainly because our sons wanted to "spring break" without us so they could enjoy adulthood a bit. Still we knew when it was so we could properly worry about our children (at that point in their 20's) going off on their exploits.

Now, however, our sons are grown and married and have little ones of their own, and they're planning their own spring breaks with their families. We're fine with this, as our sons' kids are young and more interested in Disney World than running around on the beaches where we want to stretch out and relax.

Which leads me back to our almost mini-vacation. We thought we'd beat the rates and go in April, but everywhere we called--meaning anywhere there's sun or water--it was booked solid. How could we forget this is Spring Break month? After all those years planning and strategizing and saving money and eagerly awaiting yet another trip to a Route 66-type attraction and all the cool pictures it would provide (note to darling sons: I still have the pix and will show them to YOUR kids if I don't get what I want for Christmas--tee hee), how could I forget April was such a busy time?

The short answer is this: I didn't. Even if mentally I forget, my body still goes into vacay mode the minute the grass looks a little bit greener, which is probably why my hubby and I thought we needed to plan a getaway. So if I didn't forget it was that time of year, what happened?

I forgot it was April.

Yep, I still don't know how THAT snuck up on me. One minute the northeast is battling an outrageous snowstorm named Fandula or something, and the next I have an urge to travel and don't know why. Well, it isn't winter anymore, that's why. It seems like we just wore green for St. Patrick's Day yesterday, and now I can't book a flight for anywhere south of Michigan. Surprise!

No worries, though. We've started planning something for June, which should give us a couple of weeks anyway, and as long as we stay away from places where people what to get married, we should be fine.

Shouldn't we? lol

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