My muse is not amused

Okay, of all the excuses, er, I mean reasons that authors have for not finding the time to write, getting a new pool installed is probably one of the lamest. So go ahead and scoff at me.

For the last few months, construction crews have turned my back yard into a disaster zone. That's because with a new pool comes a new, er, larger, deck. And, oh, did I mention they first had to excavate the old pool?

Yeah, it's been a nightmare. 

But then came the excitement of the new construction!

And then, day by day and week by week, things started to take shape.

We’re not done yet, but hopefully by June I’ll be able to go for a swim! And by June my muse will be amused at how much time I’ll have to write J

How about you? Any major projects that sidetracked your writing for a while? Share!


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