Do you make lists? Those "to do" lists that keep track of all the things you want to accomplish? Do you keep track of the tasks in your head? Do you write them down on a piece of paper, checking off each item as you complete it? Or do you use one of the new list apps that can prompt and reward you via your smart phone?

I've tended to be a keep-the-tasks-in-my-head type of list maker. I know what I need to get done during the day and for the most part, I get them done. I don't need the validation of the checking off, or the striking through, and if I know what I have to do, why bother wasting a piece of paper to write them down? But maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I've started to worry that I won't remember everything. And of course, I imagine it would be the most important thing that I would forget to do.

Having just returned home from five months away, I have a longer than usual list of tasks I need to accomplish this week. Appointments to make. Mail to go through. Shopping to do. Chores to complete. Writing to accomplish. New covers to upload. I think I need to write a list to keep track of it all. So the next question, do I just grab a piece of paper or do I try one of the new apps?

I'm not one of those techie people who needs to have the newest apps, but I kinda like the idea of having my list on my phone instead of a piece of paper I could easily lose. But have you seen the number of apps available?? I could spend the whole morning just checking out apps. And since that isn't the way I want to spend my day, I'm going to be grabbing pen and paper and starting my list. It probably won't be in order of importance, but I can figure that out as I go.

So I'm off to make a list.

But since we're on the subject, do any of you have a list app you'd recommend? Because I think I need to be getting the tasks out of my head and down where I can keep track of them.


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