Spring in New York

I was in New York City this weekend. It was beautiful! New Yorkers have planted spring flowers everywhere and I give them kudos for that. The city was packed as everyone was out enjoying a sunny day, after the horrible winter we all had, so that was nice.

I used to live there, but I played tourist and even took a picture of Grand Central station because I love it. No matter how crowded it gets, it's just nice to be there (unlike most train stations).
The train ride itself was not so great. I parked at a station in CT. No one knew which platform the train would come in on, not even the employee who was working there. The train was late and we all, literally every single one of us, ended up on the wrong platform. So we had to hoof it down to a crossing point, go under the tracks and up the two flights to the correct platform. All the while, the conductor is yelling, "Hurry up. We're already late." Okay, whose fault is it that they're already late and they didn't post which platform to wait on? I decided to view it as a comic episode (there were more than 100 people trying to board) but it wouldn't be funny if you were handicapped.

Still, the city was awesome.

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