Kaylee's Babies

Kaylee is a little black female cat who found me at my parents' house. My mom already has a female indoor cat and she doesn't get along with any other cats. Kaylee was living under one of the outbuildings. When I saw how friendly and sweet she is I decided to bring her home with me. I could tell the first time I saw her that she was going to have kittens. She is such a small cat that she was showing after only a couple of weeks apparently. I took her to the vet and she did a sonogram. She said Kaylee would have at least three kittens in a couple of weeks. Well... I waited and waited... and waited some more. Meanwhile, Kaylee is getting rounder and rounder. Her belly started to resemble a bowling ball. I didn't see how she could get much bigger. It seemed obvious to me she was going to have more than three kittens.
Kaylee a couple of weeks before her babies were born.
 Finally, she had the kittens. I had to babysit the older ones and keep them warm while she was having the younger ones and taking care of them. I couldn't believe it when she had six babies. Four black and two gray. She was exhausted by the time the ordeal was over.
Kaylee's one day old kittens.

Meal time! One day old.
Kaylee is such a wonderful and patient mama and it's obvious she loves her babies.

Day 2
What was I thinking... having six babies at once??

Mama love.

Day 3

Day 4

 Day 5 & 6

Nap time!

Day 7

Got milk?

Snuggle buddies.

Day 9 Their eyes are opening.

Day 10 Kaylee giving her babies some huggins.

Day 13

I loves my babies!

Mini me.

Here is a video I made during week 2.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Kaylee and her babies.

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Ba Cooch said...

What a good mommy Kaylee is. Sounds like her life was rough for a while. Now she can love her babies while being in a loving home. Good for you Vonda!

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks so much, Ba! She and her kittens are sweet. I enjoy taking care of them.

Màiri Norris said...

OMGosh! I want to come to your house and hold them all! I love cats and kittens. The photos remind me so much of my little Zach when he was only 3 three weeks old and lost. I'm so glad we found him. He weighed 12 ounces! He's now 14 and we have him on a diet to keep the fat off, lol.

Thanks so much for sharing, Vonda. The photos made my day.