Thoughts on the Weather

I just got back from my second trip in one month. Hubby and I just flew down to Florida to drive my elderly parents up from Florida, where they spend most of the year. On our way back to western New York, we stopped to visit family in Georgia. There is such a great disparity in the weather from Florida to New York, and we had some interesting conversations on the way.

We live in western New York, just south of Lake Erie, and our region is famous for our rough winters and lake effect snow. It's the reason many people leave the area, either permanently, or by becoming "snow birds" who travel to warmer climes for three or four of the winter months. My parents' situation falls somewhere in between. They come north for about four months (my father says he never wants to see snow again!)and spend most of their time in Florida.

Snow can be a pain. Blizzards are hell to drive through and digging out can be horrible. (Thank God for snow blowers!) And it's just plain cold! But...

Most of the year it's beautiful here. It's rarely hot enough to suffer from the heat and usually has enough rain to avoid brown lawns.

Snow can be beautiful drifting down like you're living in a snow globe world.

Skiers like my hubby wouldn't be able to enjoy their sport without snow.

AND...Snow doesn't destroy property - or entire towns! - like hurricanes or tornadoes that hit other parts of our country.

Still...I'd love to be able to spend more time outside which is why hubby and I are considering becoming "snowbirds" but probably only for a couple months.

How about you? Are there pros and cons to the weather where you live? Do you ever want to get away, at least for a little while?

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Christine Ashworth said...

I live in So Cal, so I get the beautiful weather most of the year. This year, we've had frost on the ground (a rarity!) and 90 degree heat. So it's been weird.

I like snow, but since I was born in So Cal, I doubt I'd ever acclimate well to it. But I think I'd like to live somewhere where it snowed - for one year, say. Just as an experiment. Great post, thanks!

Natasha Moore said...

LOL! Maybe we could house swap for a year :)

Carly Carson said...

Hey, I was in Georgia last week. Didn't drive, though. It's a looooong drive from where I live outside Boston. I have weather similar to yours. Although we get a lot of snow, I don't mind it. The one part I don't like is waiting for spring, which never comes early enough. I love the way the world is so quiet when we're getting a heavy snow.