Done done done!

...Writing my most recent book, that is!

What a great, great feeling, I tell ya. I started this book back in October (well, to be honest, I had started it a couple years ago. I had the first 3 chapters written, but hadn't done anything with them. Then, in October, I re-read those three chapters and thought whoa, that's pretty hot! I ended up picking up from where I left off and running with it :)). So, I wrote the novel in 8-ish months, which some may think is a crazy-long time for a 60K word book. But for me, and considering the stats -- continuing my cancer treatments every three weeks through February, more testing (some planned, some not -- eek!, but everything came back normal, thank goodness!), three (yes, THREE) surgeries, and just the general WTF-erry that goes on inside a cancer patient's head from time to time -- I don't think that's too bad.

For as long as I've been a part of Fierce Romance (which I think is about 5 years now, WOW!), I've been telling you all about our yearly family vacations down in the Florida panhandle. We love going down there soooo much. Last year, we missed our yearly trip (I was just finishing up chemo and getting ready for my first major surgery), so this year it's going to be extra special -- and in more ways than one.

The first is going down there as a cancer survivor with my family. We've all had a hell of a year and a half  (each of them were put through life's wringer right along with me!), and we all need this time away desperately. And hello? It's a beach vacation! We've rented a different house this year, right on the beach, but in the same locale where we've always gone. Sigh. I can't wait.

The second way is because that book I just mentioned finishing? It takes place on the very beach where we're going. It's a sexy, emotional menage a trois romance with a sun, surf and sand setting. I'm seriously excited for everyone to read this book. It's in the hands of two wonderful beta readers right now, then it's off to my editor to see what she thinks. I'll definitely keep y'all posted!

Have an amazing weekend!


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