Technology Rant

Today I would like to, semi-rant...about why I hate technology. Well, not technology in general exactly, just my husband's. Specifically, I despise his computer, which likes to vex him on a regular basis.
     Before I launch into it, I must admit that I am biased. I usually have a great relationship with computers and peripherals, but when one starts stressing my husband, all bets are off.
      Have you ever had one of those moments when you do some simple task that you do every day and suddenly it doesn't turn out the same way? Like shutting down your computer? My hubby did that, and the next time it was supposed to start up, it had an error. And then another...and another...

      So now it starts when it wants to and crashes when it wants to, and to make a long story short, all the techies in the world haven't been able to diagnose its malady. Also, along with this, my Yahoo mail was hacked due to a technical glitch on a computer that was not my own, so I was working on that as well and have decided to eliminate that address altogether.

      I spent last evening trying to get my e-mail account ready to deactivate and working on our rebellious computer. I removed programs and installed different software and pressed buttons and held my breath and whispered encouraging words. I’m sure the neighbors wondered what was going on, as I would sometimes scream, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” in a way normally reserved for characters in my erotic romances. However, they’ve not mentioned it, although this morning I noticed some strange looks when I went to get my mail.

      Speaking of this morning, my post is later than usual because I was, yet again, helping my DH with his machine. My final suggestion was taking a hammer to the hard drive, but that met with disapproval (although that disapproval was not instant, I noted). That, along with my growing aversion to anything technical at the moment, kept me off my computer for a good two hours.

      I’m back on now, and what brought me here is, of course, writing. I need to write. Yeah, I can do it long-hand, but my thoughts flow too fast and my hand moves too slowly. And reading. I have a number of books I read on my computer, and I’m not giving those up. So me and computers are back on good terms for now, at least until the next round with DH’s computer.

Happy Reading!


Savannah Rose said...

I have to admit that I laughed a little when you mentioned solving the problem with a hammer. My husband is a computer tech. Whenever my computers (I have 2 laptops) are sick, he suddenly plays dumb. Great post!

Cameo Brown said...

Savannah-Thanks for your comment. :) In my wicked mind, I think all techs should have at least a little bitty hammer in their toolboxes so when the going gets tough, they can look at it feel inspired. lol