Winding down...

Summer, that is.

I can't believe how fast it's gone. Mine started that first weekend in June at the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together. That was such a fun weekend, full of seeing old friends and making new ones. Here's the Ellora's Cave group of authors (I'm in the back row, in pink):

Then came our annual Florida trip in late June. We stayed in a new location this year, which was gor-ge-ous. But the trip was chock full of, well... Let me put it this way. 2 tickets on the drive down, courtesy of the state of Kentucky (one for hubby and another for our daughter who drove her own car), coming thisclose to getting thrown up on by a child at a public rest stop, a car accident in downtown Birmingham (NOT my fault, and we were all okay!), chipping a crowned tooth on -- get this -- a piece of frozen dark chocolate, all ending with our daughter locking her keys in her car mere minutes before leaving for the fifteen hour ride home. Sigh. But all of that was mixed in with hot weather, constant sun, and wonderful times with amazing family and friends. When I look at it like that, it definitely makes all that other stuff we went through so very much worth it.

The view from our balcony.

My daughter's boyfriend fished quite a bit while we were down there. Here I am, petting one of the sharks he caught moments before we put him back in the water. Cool, huh?

And then there was July and August. Where the heck did they go? Most of the time was spent doing this or that, getting some writing in whenever I could and generally just trying to enjoy the summer. I've spent a lot of time with my husband out where we keep our RV, finally working on the landscaping and enjoying some alone time with him now that the kids are older and don't want to go out there too much any more (Is it bad for me to say that that's just fine with me? LOL).

And now, here we are, days away from September and the beginning of fall. School has already started (YAY!), and I'm working on getting myself back into my fall/winter writing routine. I have the annual Walk to End Alzheimer's coming up mid-September that I participate in (in honor of my mother and grandmother), then, on the lighter side, I'm attending the Ellora's Cave's RomantiCon convention at the end of the month. I'm so looking forward to that! It's one convention that truly stands apart from all the others I attend every year. Other than that, it's just writing, writing, writing -- hopefully mixed with a release or two in there somewhere!

I hope your summer was just as relaxing and/or as fun as mine was. Here's to everyone having a stellar fall, and a productive winter. Hmmm... Is it spring yet?


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Natasha Moore said...

I can't believe how fast the summer has gone. Sounds like yours was busy. Hope you can settle into a productive, yet relaxing, fall. :)