What Does Your Hero Wear?

Yeah, I know your answer…“Nothing…if I’m lucky.” :) But what about what our heroes wear when they’re not in bed?

We love to read about those sexy hunks, the ones we want to fall in love with along with our heroines. The ones we want to have hot monkey sex with – at least vicariously. But your hunk and mine might not be the same.

A loop I was on once had a poll that asked: Do you want your hero in blue jeans or a three-piece suit?? Well, I answered immediately Blue Jeans! Duh! Then I was surprised to discover that my blue jean hunk was in the minority. And it made me think about my heroes. And the heroes of the stories I love to read.

Of course, we’re not talking only about clothing. What our heroes wear is simply one way to characterize them. When we meet a hero for the first time, what he’s wearing leads us to make certain assumptions about his character. Blue collar or white collar? Slave-to-fashion or don’t-give-a-damn? Certainly our rich hunk could don a pair of tight fitting jeans and our regular Joe can dress up in a suit and tie, but what he wears tells us a lot about him.

Of the four Paolo Playhouse stories coming out in the next year, my heroes are: a bartender/bar owner, a corporate executive, a landscaper and the owner of a fantasy sex club. One suit out of the four. Just so you know I'm not totally against the hottie in a suit and tie.

Now I write contemporary romance, but if you write/read paranormal romance, I guess the question comes would be…is your vampire a wealthy count or the owner of a tavern?
Is your werewolf blue collar or white when he isn’t wearing fur? Is your historical hero a highwayman or a pirate or a duke? And does he dress the part?

So…before he gets the heroine into bed…what does your hero wear?



Carly Carson said...

Blue jeans are good. But they're so ordinary. I like a man in a business suit. But mostly I don't care. Just steer away from bikers' shorts or speedo bathing suits! I have a prejudice against men who feel they need to flaunt it (totally unfair, because that's not why they wear biker shorts, but that's why it's a prejudice!)

Esmerelda Bishop said...

I'm a blue jean, cargo short, t-shirt sort of girl. Luke in Defying Convention is my most casually dressed. He has the Matthew McConaughey beach bum look, which I find so freaking hot.

I've only had one hero in a suit, and if the hero called for it, I'd not hesitate to write another suited hero. I'm just not a suit gal. Not that I have anything against a suit, either, it just doesn't really do anything for me in real life. Laid back, baseball caps, I guess blue collar look is what I like. Oh, and a man in uniform, lol.

Cameo Brown said...

I've written suited and jeans-wearing heroes, now that I think of it. The suit was Graham Norton in Second Nature, which was ironic because he was really a nature spirit who preferred going au natural (sp?). The jeans hero was cowboy Randy Stide in Ride 'Em, Girlfriend. So I guess that means I like 'em both.:) Great post!

Natasha Moore said...

Hey Carly! Blue jeans may be ordinary, but not if the guy wearing them isn't. :)

Ooh, Esme. I missed mentioning a guy in uniform. Yum!

Hi Cameo. We've gotta spread the love around, right???

Nicole North said...

That first guy in jeans is hot! Amazing abs and cool tattoos! I have to mention I like for a lot of my heroes to wear kilts. Or they can feel free to take the kilt off if they wish. ;)

Mr Lonely said...

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Natasha Moore said...

Hi Nicole, I know. The blue jean guy is hot, hot, hot. And how could I forget about kilts???