Ideas at work

You know, you gotta love it when an idea works.

Yesterday, I was sitting at my computer working on my latest book (which at the time involved a lot of me staring at the screen and thinking), when an idea of what I should do next popped into my head. It just hit me, WHAM, and I thought to myself, "Ohhh, I like this." And the more I thought on it, the more this little idea grew into a bigger one which tied in with a scene that will happen later in the book.

It's funny, because the idea was a little one, not a plot twist or a big to-do in the book. It was just something to move the story forward. And the fact that I can now swing it back around to touch on it later, well, it just made me very happy.

That's what I love so much about this career I've chosen. Little ideas can turn into big ones, or they can stay small and work perfectly right where they're supposed to. Writing, for me, is one surprise after another and I love waking up each day not knowing what my writing will give me.

Kristin (who is anxiously awaiting her writing surprise of the day...!)


Mari Freeman said...

I do love that. I recently had one of those little ideas and it ended up being the spark that created the premise for the next book in the series.


Cameo Brown said...

I enjoy writing because you never really know what's going to happen--it's an adventure!