I enjoyed Beastly, a new version of The Beauty and the Beast. I liked the idea that the ugly part of the inside of the boy was brought out on the outside of him and he had to find a way to show he cared about someone, to quit being so self-centered and downright mean.

This was a vintage photo of a little French girl. Isn't she adorable?

Did you know that the French were big on hunting werewolves? So when this photo was taken, they might have been having a trial concerning a suspected werewolf.

My daughter would have said, "That's random, Mom."

Random? Absolutely not! Well, maybe just a little bit. Okay, maybe a lot. But truly, the French did participate in werewolf trials.

And I still have to say the purported werewolves were fake. How do I know this? They would not have given up their secrets. Ever.

The big question is--is the young girl a werewolf?

One look at the expression on her face and I have my answer. What about you?


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