Questions Over the Years

I apologize for the tardiness of my post, but my technology has been down all day and part of yesterday. Needless to say, I’ve been going a little nuts without my connection, but it’s all better now. :)

What I wanted to post about today was questions I’ve been asked in interviews or by friends or fans that have stuck with me over the years. Have you ever had someone ask you a question that just stayed with you, for whatever reason? What was your question? Mine are below.

1. Why do you write?
I included this one because I sometimes don't know what to say. I have to think about it. There are a million reasons why I write, but the truth is that I can't not write. It's how I think. If I'm thinking, I'm writing, either in my head or via keyboard. This one always makes me wonder about myself and why I'm this way.
2. Do you do all those things you write about?
Since I write erotica and romance, this one is a little over the top. Just because I write about having all kinds of sex doesn't mean I do. I mean, do mystery writers murder people? My answer to this is always no, because I haven't done all those things I write about, just some of them. Also, I've never slept with a vampire or shape-shifter that I know of, and I deny any involvement whatsoever in that one sexual escapade with that one hunky movie star and his brother. That wasn't me, and you can't prove that it was. The pictures were too fuzzy, and the video too blurry. So there.
3. Does your husband think he’s lucky?
I love this question. Why would he think he's lucky? Because naturally as an erotica author I'm a sex maniac and won't let him leave our bed for days? Because I wash his clothes and feed him well? Because he's just grateful I don't write murder mysteries (see above)? Because he's married to a writer? God help him. My first response to this question--that I keep to myself but will one day actually say--is, "Why, yes, he does think he's lucky, and so does your husband. Tell him Cam says hello and she'll never forget Paris."
4. What’s your bra size?
I cannot even comprehend why this person asked me this. Perhaps she was considering asking for a trade because her bra was too small. I simply responded by telling her it was the same as my husband's age and the last letter of my favorite author's name. She furrowed her brow and wandered away. I was glad.
5. How long have you been writing?
On the surface, this is a pretty straightforward question. However, after I answered a matter of decades, this person then asked why I hadn't won a Pulitzer yet. Seriously? As if they give the big P for erotica (maybe they do?) and as if just any writer who's produced a body of work over a period of time gets a Pulitzer. This one always makes me smile, though, because someone actually thinks I could be eligible for the prize, and that in and of itself is just cool to ponder.
6.Who’s your favorite author?
Who doesn't want to answer this with "ME! ME! ME!" Especially after an afternoon writing marathon that's left you breathless, aching, and exhausted but happy. It's actually not true that I'm my favorite author, as I’d rather read a number of others besides me including the other ladies on this blog. :) I love to read, but this answer can vary from day-to-day. Besides, if I answer truthfully, people will be halfway to knowing my bra size.

Those are some of my questions. How about you? Please do share!

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