Bazinga! Let’s talk Geek

It’s been a year in waiting, but Defying Convention is finally out at Carina Press! Woot! I’m not going to do a huge promotional push today. I have a big one coming up tomorrow at the Carina Press blog site, where you can enter to win a copy of Defying Convention or one of two $5 Amazon Gift Cards. I’m also giving away a combo deal on Twitter: a copy of Defying Convention AND a $10 gift card to one lucky person who retweets my promotional tweet on Thursday. Four chances to win something free! Who doesn't love free?!?! My tweeter ID is @abbyniles

So who doesn’t love them some geeks? Big Bang Theory? Sheldon?

Some of my favorite Sheldon quote? (and this was so freaking hard to narrow down to just a few. This character has me cracking up in every episode.) I’ll start off with the most recognized Sheldon quote: Bazinga! (For shame to those of you who didn't get that)

Sheldon: Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors.--Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory

Raj: I don't like bugs, okay. They freak me out.
Sheldon: Interesting. You're afraid of insects and women. Ladybugs must render you catatonic. (I crack up just reading this.)

Leonard: [Just entering the apartment] What's going on?
Sheldon: They stole everything Leonard, everything!
Police officer
Are you the roommate?
Yeah, Leonard Hofstadter. What's going on?
Police officer
Your friend here called 911 to report a robbery.
Oh my God. What did they get?
Sheldon: What didn't they get? They got My Enchanted Weapons, My Vicious Gladiator Armor, My Wand Of Untainted Power, and all my gold!
You called the police because someone hacked your World Of Warcraft account?
What choice did I have? The Mighty Sheldor Level 85 Blood Elf, Hero Of The Eastern Kingdoms as been picked clean like a carcass in the desert sun... plus the FBI hung up on me.

*Snort* I personally think The Big Bang Theory is one of the best sitcoms on TV. I love all the geek references made. I have friends from every realm of geekdom: comic books, superheroes, computer games (WOW, anyone?), classic pen and paper, Rock Band, and roleplaying. I know people who are apart of the SCA (for those who don’t know what that is, it’s the Society of Creative Anachronism, which I think is so freaking cool). My ex-hubs was heavily into this before we got married. He has some awesome stories. Anyway, I digress, I think the way Big Bang covers all of these realms is why I love the show so much (FYI, I would totally date Leonard. I think he is adorable).

My years of being around the geek scene helped with writing Defying Convention, but also being an outsider (at first) helped to write my heroine who was far outside her element. I remember being at my first con and just staring. It was so hard to digest everything going on around me, because there was SO much going on around me. You see, I wasn’t a geek, but I married one. Think of it kind of like Penny and Leonard (though Penny is way hotter than me, lol). So my first con had a definite shock value to it.

So what kind of television show/book/movie speaks to an inner you?

Thought I would share a few pics from the con I attended:



Natasha Moore said...

Great post, Esme! I love Big Bang too. Can't wait for new episodes. (And I totally would date Leonard too lol)

Vonda Sinclair said...

Congratulations on the book release!!

Management said...

Congrats on the book release! (This is Forbidden from Divas) I am glad that someone else really understands 'the call of the geek'.

I love 'em, but enough about me and another hearty CONGRATS!!!!!

Esmerelda Bishop said...

@Natasha lol! There is just a certain draw to him, isn't there :)

@ Vonda THanks!!

@ Forbidden (I am glad that someone else really understands 'the call of the geek'.)---You took the words out of my mouth. Thank you!