How Do You Like to be Seduced?

That's quite a question, isn't it?

However, before I address it, I must apologize for my late blog entry. I've been offline for hours, and only finally got back up and running just a few minutes ago. I've decided the contract post (IT'S CONTRACT THURSDAY!) I wanted to put up today should wait until next time so I can post it early. Plus, I wanted to share the latest on Seducing Gracie.

Seducing Gracie was set to be published earlier this year but had to be delayed. However, I just got word that Gracie and her demon, Mayor Sam, are back on track and ready to welcome you into their, um, unusual world mid-May. I'm so excited!

So that's why I asked how you like to be seduced. Logical detective Gracie Lynbrook discovers more about herself and her desires than she expects when she stumbles into a village that appears only every five years. Waybrook's citizens have one goal--find a suitable sacrifice for Mayor Sam so their souls aren't sent straight to Hell. Gracie is supposed to be that sacrifice, but Mayor Sam has other plans for her...other plans that include convincing her he can fulfill her darkest fantasies for all eternity.

Writing this story got me to thinking about seduction and how it varies from person to person (otherwise, all erotica would read exactly the same, wouldn't it?). Care to share how you like to be seduced? A nice dinner? Days of flirting? Surprise bubble baths? Or perhaps you'd like to give readers tips about how you like to seduce your significant other--we're all ears!

Happy Reading!

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