My Daily Heroes

We’ve talked about some excellent heroes this week, those who bring out our imagination, those we fall in love with through the written word, those who save animals, and those who protect and serve. So I sat here pondering who I could talk about to rank up with these fine individuals, and it hit me. I have a certain type of hero in my daily life. Each with a different personality, each attack their class with a different vigor, and each have had a huge impact on my life. Who are they?

My fitness instructors.

I’m not going to go into my lifelong weight problems again and the struggles I have faced over the years. What I want to do is take a moment to thank those who helped me finally achieve the one thing I have spent my entire life trying to do. You know who you are. Some have been there from the beginning, some a few years, others just entered the world of fitness instructing.

Thank you for being there, listening, and supplying advice when I needed it. Thank you for always having words of motivation, no matter how dark and moody I become. Thank you for proving to me I can push myself farther than I ever imagined, thank you for challenging me and barking orders to push harder, for telling me it is the mind that stops me (that is for a specific instructor;) Those words had a huge impact on me.

Thank you for creating a class that is not only sweat-drenching intense, but fun. Thank you for making me laugh and realizing that working out doesn’t have to be completely serious, and teaching me that the point is to have fun and enjoy yourself. And it’s not brain surgery, no one will die if you mess up;) (That is also for a specific person, lol)

Many years ago I never imagined laughter and working out could co-exist. But it does and because of these fine instructors in my life, working out is not a chore. It is something I look forward to. I believe fitness instructors don’t get the recognition they deserve. However, I’m awed by what they do. I mean I can’t even imagine having to TALK while working out, let alone being motivational and exciting to a classroom full of people. What they do, day in and day out, always with a smile on their face and encouragement to forge ahead is awesome.

The energy they give, fills me with energy. The atmosphere of a hooting and hollering class bring me back again and again.

So thank you for believing in me and sticking by me.

Each one of you has become my hero.


Nicole North said...

Wonderful post, Esme!! I don't know any fitness instructors personally, but some of the ones on TV or the DVDs I have are very motivating and encouraging. That's what we all need.

Carol Ericson said...

Esme, my first "fitness instructor" was my friend. I'd always been pretty active, mostly through swimming, but when I was around 30 I decided to get more serious. My friend was a body builder (her husband was a former Mr. Alabama), and she worked out 6 days a week. I started going to the gym with her and she taught me everything she knew! I don't go to the gym like that anymore, rather I walk or run a few miles a few times a week and work out on our home gym in the garage, but she was so motivational and introduced me to the whole world of bodybuilding. You're lucky to have had such inspirational fitness instructors in your life.

Esmerelda Bishop said...

Nicole-I think it takes a special person who does this. I love my classes, but I am dang exhausted by the end of one, so I have no idea how they keep that "You can do it" attitude the whole time, lol.

Carol-it's amazing what they know is it? I'm stunned by the knowledge at times