Recharging My Creative Batteries

By Liza James

Oh, how I love discovering a new favorite author! The pure enjoyment of falling in love with a sexy alpha hero and his spunky heroine just never gets old, does it? Take Lori Foster. I don't think I've ever fallen in love with a hero so fast in my life as I did Joe Winston from Say No To Joe? When I found out she'd written a whole series around Visitation, North Carolina, I'm pretty sure I squealed. :)

Jayne Ann Krentz is another of my longtime favorites. I discovered her Amanda Quick titles first since I started off as a historical romance junkie. There was something so comforting about her books...a fun sexy read every time. When I finally decided to give contemporaries a try, I fell just as quickly in love with her JAK titles, consuming one after the other until I'd plowed through her impressive backlog of books. Some of my other longtime favorite authors are Dorothy Garlock, Karen Robards, Linda Howard, Julie Garwood, Rebecca Paisley, Elizabeth Lowell, Mary Jo Putney, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Judith McNaught, who penned my #1 all-time favorite romance novel, A Kingdom of Dreams!

More recently I've discovered such gems as Janet Evanovich (I even bought a bottle of Bvlgari shampoo so I'd know what that sexy Ranger smells like...LOL), J.R. Ward, Lara Adrian, and most recently, Christie Craig! I simply adored Divorced, Desperate and Delicious! Funny, sexy, witty dialogue and an amazing cast of secondary characters. And it's the first in a series, so yay! There's just no better way to recharge your creative batteries than reading a fabulous series by an incredible author. :)

I sure hope there are readers out there who feel this way about my books, whichever genre they prefer (I write contemporary romance as Donna Marie Rogers, and erotic romance as Liza James). Tell me about a new favorite author of yours, and I'll choose a winner to receive a free download of Hot For Teacher, my latest erotic romance from eRed Sage. And don't forget to check back as I'll post the winner tonight!

High school teacher Tessa Marshall is at a club with her sister celebrating her 40th birthday when the hunk of her dreams walks through the door. He's tall, dark, and oh-so handsome. He's also ten years her junior, which makes him the perfect candidate for a night of smokin' hot birthday sex. Only it quickly becomes apparent the man is special, which scares the hell out of her since nothing can ever come of it. With regret, she slips from the room while he's sleeping, intending never to see him again.

Scott Chapman is captivated by the beautiful Tessa, and though he swore off relationships several years ago, he finds himself instantly drawn to the blonde stunner. He takes her back to his hotel room for the birthday night of her life, and soon realizes their connection is deeper than he'd imagined. When he wakes up the following morning and discovers her gone, he's disappointed. They both find out, however, that fate has a mind of its own.

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Eliza Knight said...

HOT FOR TEACHER sounds delicious! And your cover is mouth watering! I have too many favorite authors to count. Mostly I just love those sexy alpha males and feisty heroines who steam up the pages even when they aren't making love :)

Carly Carson said...

Hmmmm. You just listed all my favorite authors! lol at the Bulgari comment. I never thought of that. I did read a Karen Marie Moning book based on a comment on this blog last week and it was very good. So that will be my offering.


jrobe10689 said...

I love finding a new author to fall in love with. I love it when I find one and just HAVE to get her backlist of books. I love
Lora Leigh, Annmarie McKenna, Sean Michael. That are just 3 from the top of my head.

Chris R

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Morning everyone! Man, I'm a lazy bones, could barely crawl out of bed this morning. LOL How exciting to see some of you have already started sharing your fave authors. Since I haven't had time to read nearly enough books over the past a couple of years, I hope to do some catching up this summer. ;-)

Thank you, Eliza! I love my cover, too. It's as if Rae Monet was crawling around inside my head the day she designed it. *g*

Carly, I remember reading about Karen Marie Moning on the JR Ward loop. I'll have to give her a try. :-)

Chris, Lora Leigh is another author I've heard nothing but amazing things about. Thank you, I'm adding her to my list! :-)

Christie Craig said...

Wow, wow!

What an honor to pop over and find my own name among your favorites!

Especially when you named many of my favorite authors. Love being in such good company.

Just last week I picked up Toni MaGee Causey, Charmed & Dangerous. I'm loving it.

Thanks so much! Can't wait to read your book.


Edie Ramer said...

Terrific cover! And we have the same tastes in authors. A new favorite of mine is Cynthia Eden. I think she'll be a bestselling author soon.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Donna! You do have a terrific cover!

Amanda Quick/JAK is also one of my all-time favorites. I also love Loretta Chase, Eloisa James, and Lisa Kleypas. I've been on a bit of an Angela Knight kick lately. Her stories are great and her heroes are soooo sexy. Linnea Sinclair is an all-time fav, too.

I just read my first Carla Kelly book this week - The Surgeon's Lady. I really enjoyed it, so that was fun to find somebody new - at least new to me!

Donna Marie Rogers said...

No, thank YOU, Christie! For Chase, for Jason, for the plumber. *g* Never heard of Toni MaGee, thanks! I'll have to check her out. :-)

Thanks, Edie, I'm very happy with my cover! Cynthia Eden, I know that name...she's on another loop I'm on. I'll definitely check her out. :-)

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Hi Vanessa, thanks for stopping by! You already know how much I enjoyed Mastering the Marquess (when does that sequel come out again? LOL), but I can't remember if I mentioned how much you reminded me of Amanda Quick. :-)

I haven't read Lisa Kleypas in some years, but I used to enjoy her books very much. I've only read one of Angela's books, Jane's Warlord, but I LOVED it!

Jamie said...

I love Christie Craig's books as well. I just finished her newest, Gotcha, and love it! Some of my other favorites are Kristin Higgins - her books never let me down. I also enjoyed Marie Force's Line of Scrimmage - a fabulous book. I'm looking forward to her next one, Love at First Flight, coming out any day now. It's so fun to give new authors, along with old favorites, a read.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Hi Jamie, thanks for stopping by!

I can't wait to read Gotcha!, I have no doubt I'll love it. I have a copy of Line Of Scrimmage on my nightstand, so I'll read that one soon, too. *g* I don't think I've ever read Kristin Higgins, but I'l have to give her a try as well. :-)

Carol Ericson said...

Hey, Liza, welcome to FR. Love that cover!

I'm a big Eloisa James fan, and I discovered her at the beginning of her Essex Sisters series, which was then followed by the Desperate Duchesses series. Since those have kept me busy, I haven't even delved into her backlist yet - so I'm looking forward to that. I love historical romance (even though I don't write it - go figure) and I just picked up two historicals by two new writers - Kris Kennedy's The Conqueror and Jennnifer Haymore's A Hint of Wicked.

Sandy said...

Ever since I read Welcome to Redemption you and Stacey have become favorites.

Another new favorite author is T.J. Killian. She writes fantasy, which I've never read, but her story Northern Skye captivated my imagination, and I'm now following the series.

I also love Julie Garwood, James Patterson and Jayne Ann Krantz for my oldies.

Also, I've gotten hooked on Lorie Foster since I started reading her books last year.

Another new author I started reading last year is Barry Eisler. I could go on forever. lol Uh, oh, I forgot Carol Ericson, love her books.

Carol Ericson said...

Thanks, Sandy - check's in mail - LOL

Natasha said...

So many favorites :) Emma Holly, Toni Blake, Larissa Ione, Nalini Singh, Linda Howard, Kate Pearce...I better stop now :)

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Hey, Liza/Donna, I've been loving reading author friends of mine. Carol Ericson, Vanessa Kelly, Amber Leigh Williams and currently Kris Kennedy's The Conqueror(SO good!). I picked up a ton of new books at conference and Christie's is one I'm looking forward to, along with Meg Hennessy since you told me how great her Shadows of a Southern Moon was.

Sandy, thanks so much! I'm impatiently waiting to get an e-reader so I can relax when I read The Catalyst instead of reading at the computer.

I've had 6 months to recharge my creative batteries while working full time. Now I'm laid off and looking forward to writing like crazy. :)

Sisters-in-Sync said...


Love, love, love JR Ward. The whole Black Dagger Brotherhood made me steamy! I alse love Kresley Cole. However, my favorite is Heather Graham. Her paranormal suspense is great!

Oh, and Liza...I already downloaded "Hot for Teacher"! Loved it!!

Justen Hisle

Amy S. said...

Hot for Teacher sounds great!

Caffey said...

Hi Liza!!! Cool on your hot book from ERedSage! I'm hot for this one after reading all this! Huge congrats!

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Thanks, Carol, I'm thrilled to be here. Nicole has been such a doll. :-)

Sandy, that's a wonderful thing to say, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed WTR.

Natasha, I've never read any of those authors except Linda Howard, so thank you! I've heard Emma Holly is amazing.

Thanks for stopping by, Stacey! Wouldn't it be funny if you won the download? *G* Have fun at Country USA!

Yay, another JR Ward fan!!! Hi Justen, thanks for stopping by and thank you for buying Hot For Teacher! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm sorry I haven't made it to your blog yet, but I will! Just been crazy busy. ;-) Oh, and I bought 5 Kresley Cole titles last year after Lori Foster recommended her, but I completely forgot until you mentioned her...LOL I have A LOT of book in this house I haven't read yet.

Thanks Amy & Caffey! :-)

Okay, I'm going to pick a winner...

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Okay, I ended up with two winners because the pieces of paper stuck together. *g* And the winners are...

Carly Carson & Caffey! Please email me at and I'll send you a download of Hot For Teacher!

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by! Fierce Romance, thank you for having me. :-)

Nicole North said...

Thanks so much for being here with us, Donna!! I enjoyed reading your post and everyone's comments!! Congratulations to the winners!! Aww thanks for calling me a doll. You're too sweet! :)

Caffey said...

Thanks bunches Liza! And too congrats Carly!