Secrets Volume 27 Untamed Pleasures

Our anthology is set to release around July 15. I wanted to share the book trailer video I made and some review snippets that relate to my novella.

5 Ribbons from Romance Junkies: "Scottish highlanders are a favorite of many romance readers and Nicole North’s adds an exciting paranormal element that truly captures the imagination. This is Ms. North’s first published story and I’ll be anxious to see what she comes up with next. The Red Sage SECRETS anthologies have long held space on my keeper shelves. Like its predecessors, SECRETS VOLUME 27 contains four tales of varying genres that deliver on readers’ desire for something more erotic in their storylines. Each of these authors delivers a captivating story full of intense scenes guaranteed to have you in search of more writing by them. SECRETS VOLUME 27 contains four smoldering stories of various genres in one convenient book. Like the other SECRETS anthologies, Volume 27’s stories tease and tantalize the senses." ~Chrissy Dionne
4 1/2 from Romantic Crush Junkies: "Devil in A Kilt is by far one of the best erotic romance highland stories I’ve been honored to read. Ms. North has an uncanny way of using wit and satire to deliver an amazing high octane read... Besides the scintillating sexcapades between Gavin and Shauna, I found myself giggling and smiling at how they related with one another. This story is a full charged electric read that had this reader craving more of Ms. North's Hottie highlander. If this is just a taste of what the author has in store I say, 'thank you and give me some more.' I hope you enjoyed these four delicious stories by Liane Gentry Skye, Nicole North, Hannah Murray and Leigh Court as much as I did. ~Christine S. Morehouse
4 stars from Romantic Times Book Review: "Few anthologies give as much bang for the buck as this one... Shauna MacRae meant to go to the Highland Games, not 400 years into the past, which she does in North's story. Will she have what it takes to free her "Devil in a Kilt?" ~Devon Paige
4 plugs from The Romance Readers Connection: "With the release of their 27th Volume, Red Sage hits the mark once again... Nicole North’s story, DEVIL IN A KILT is a cute time travel... a fun light story..." ~Sarah Silversmith


Christine S. Morehouse said...

Thanks Nicole for the post. Still desperate for another of your Hottie Highlander. Good Luck to all of you on Secrets release!

Carly Carson said...

Those are great reviews, Nicole!

Not that they surprise me.


Nicole North said...

Thanks, Christine!!! I'm so thrilled you like my Hottie Highlander!! :) I'm working on more of these guys. :)

Thanks, Carly!!! That means a lot to me!!

Carol Ericson said...

Looks fabulous - can't wait!

Calista Fox, Author said...

This trailer is smokin-hot! Looking forward to V27!!

Nicole North said...

Thanks tons, Carol and Calista!!! :)

Esmerelda Bishop said...

Awesome reviews! Congrats!!