Those Summer Flings

Although spring is often the season most commonly associated with romance, there's just something about a summer fling. I've had a couple of summer flings in my lifetime: one I mentioned before when I studied in England for the summer and one when I went to visit my sister in Kauai for three weeks during the summer.

My sister and her husband had been living in Hawaii on the island of Kauai for a few years before I went to visit her. She had had a baby in December, and I finally went to visit my first niece that summer. It was my first trip to Hawaii.

My first week there, my sister and I went to the beach with my sister's friend, who also had a baby around the same age as my niece. While we were at the beach, the friend's brother dropped by...and he was HOT! Blonde, blue-eyed, tan, muscles everywhere. He was also very sweet and we flirted a bit on the beach and he asked if I would be going to his sister's party that night. If I wasn't before, I sure was now!

So I went with my sister and her husband and their baby (in Hawaii, most kids are welcome at parties) and met up with my sexy beach bum. We hung out at the party for a bit, and then he took me to a local bar in Hanalei where we met up with some of his friends. Yeah, OK, I went home with him that night (maybe I should be writing this as Mia and not Carol!). He lived in a little house in the middle of a lush valley not far from the beach. He had an outdoor shower, and we showered together in the morning with the beautiful nature surrounding us.

I spent a lot of time with him over the next few weeks, and he showed me the island. We went snorkeling, hiking, I watched him and his team canoe in the ocean, and we hung out at the beach. A perfect summer romance in a perfect romantic setting.

At the end of my vacation, I went home to Southern California and we exchanged a few letters. He was also from So Cal and over the Christmas holidays he came home to visit his family, and we went to Vegas together for New Year's. After that, nothing ever came of the romance and I know why. Nothing we did could ever compare with those magical weeks in Kauai.

Have you ever had a summer fling? What makes them so special? Whether you've ever had a summer fling or not, enjoy a video of another summer romance..."summer fling don't mean a thing, but oh oh those summer nights..."


Natasha said...

Ooh, Carol, what a great story. Sounds like some awesome memories :)

I ended up marrying the guy that was supposed to be my summer fling (we met on a blind date on the 4th of July and I was going away to college in the fall - so he was definitely not going to be THE one lol)

Carly Carson said...

Summer fling in Kauai. That sounds perfect. (I just read a novel 2 days ago on that exact topic, great story idea.)


Donna Marie Rogers said...

Wow, Carol, what a perfectly wonderful summer fling story. I never had a summer fling. I've always had long-term relationships (unfortunately...LOL), and was married right out of high school.

I love Grease! I just watched it a few days ago...though I have a bad memory attached to Grease, which I won't share since this is such a fun topic. *G*

Sandy said...


Thanks for the memories. I love Grease, too.

My memories of summer nights is a little different, but still memorable. A gang of us girls used to ride around in a white convertible on summer nights. On Saturday night, we would go to a place named Oak Lodge and dance.

We usually hooked up with some of the guys from the air force military installation nearby. Most of us didn't date, but we liked each other's company.

After Oak Lodge closed, we went to Allen's Drive-in and stayed there until it closed, then we would go up on the KU campus and park under Campanile (not sure of the spelling). We didn't go to make out, but to harass the ones who were. We would turn all our radios to the same station, turn them as loud as they would go, then pile out of our cars. We would dance, laugh and whoop it up. Even now, I still laugh at all the heads that popped up from the back seats of the cars.

We were ornery, but we had fun. We didn't date anyone in particular, but hung out with some very nice guys.

Carol Ericson said...

Natasha, a blind date on the 4th? Sounds romantic - I love the 4th; it's my favorite holiday.

Carly, hmm, maybe someone else had a summer fling in Kauai.

Donna, you'll have to explain your bad Grease memory later...

Sandy, sounds like you had lots of fun. Glad I could prompt some memories for you!

Chiron said...

Wow! A summer fling on Kauai? Sounds like heaven. Did you ever see the movie "Flirting With Forty" (based on the book by Jane Porter)? If not, you might want to rent. Might bring back memories. *grin*

Oh, how I loved that clip of Summer Nights. *sigh* My childhood sweetheart looked much like Johnny boy, dark hair, blue eyes, sensual lips. *swoon* Since I never had a summer fling, that will have to do!

Thanks for the memories.

Chiron O'Keefe
The Write Soul:

Carol Ericson said...

Chiron, I have not seen the movie nor read the book - of course, at the time of my summer fling I was flirting with 25!

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Carol!

Your great post about summer flings brought back many fond memories :)

Loved the Grease video, too! That song says it all :)

Happy weekend wishes,


Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Sounds just like a Mia story. :) I had two great summers in Colorado, I'm good with that. LOL

Love Grease!

Carol Ericson said...

Shawna, yeah, that song really does say it all - so cute.

Stacey, definitely a Mia story or maybe just a 25-yr old Carol story ;)

Nicole North said...

Oooh that sounds fun and romantic! And like the perfect guy for a fling! :) No I can't say I ever had a summer fling. I missed out.

Carol Ericson said...

Nicole, yeah, he was the perfect guy for a fling - a little too laid back for me normally, but that whole Hawaii-time thing worked out great while it lasted.