Help Me Plan My Next Book!

Hi Fierce Friends,

My Tess's Troubadours Contest is over! I drew the magic ticket yesterday, on St. Patrick's Day, and awarded the Big Contest Prize to my lucky Troubadour, Stacey Smith! CONGRATULATIONS STACEY! I appreciate all of the help my Troubadours gave me and I know that their efforts helped put HIGHLAND REBEL in the limelight on the Internet! :)

So, HIGHLAND REBEL is in bookstores, the contest is over, and the question is . . . what's next?

Well, what's next is getting my new proposal for the third book in the series done and sent to my editor. It actually should have been on her desk about three months ago, but Life intervened and I'm not finished yet. So what's the process on writing a proposal for the third book in a series?

First, I have to decide which secondary characters from the first two books to carry over into the third. One is a no-brainer -- I know that Allie Graham, sister to Ellie and Maggie Graham, will be my heroine, but who to link her up with? Alex, the handsome, cocky con artist who discovered, with Maggie's help, the tri-spiral in the floor of the Scottish cairn---or some new Scottish hunk from the past?

I've already planned to make Davey and Katie part of the new book -- Davey is a scientist who went back in time to 1734 with Ellie Graham and Ian MacGregor (HIGHLAND REBEL), and met Katie MacGregor. Their relationship was a lot of fun to write about and I know there is more to tell in the next book. So, okay, I've got Allie, Davey and Katie for sure, but I'm still not sure about Alex and some unknown hunk.

And what about Rachel? Rachel is Maggie's best friend and was in HIGHLAND ROGUE. She's a quirky, plus-sized gal with a great sense of humor and about ten million dollars in the bank. Should she go back in time with Allie in this book, or should I save her for yet another book where she's the main girl? So many choices, so little time!

So what do you -- my fearless readers think? I'd love it if you would comment here and let me know -- what would you like to see in my next HIGHLAND book?

Oh -- and HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY yesterday! Here's a few fun Irish LOLcats to make you laugh!






Keep Writing! And don't forget . . . Love is Timeless!
Hugs, Tess


Nikki Markle said...

Let me start of and say that I can't wait for the next book, Tess!

Now onto my many opinions:)...

I'm totally for you bringing Rachel back. For the pure entertainment factor if nothing else. Just like Samantha had a decent sized role in Jix's story and it really helped to set the stage for her own story, the same could be true with Rachel.

But I'm rootin' for Allie & Alex to get together. Her "take no prisoners" attitude and blunt wit will keep him on his toes and not let him have the chance to be his trickster self. And honestly someone needs to save the hunk from himself! We can't let handsome men in kilts go to waste!

I think Rachel could be the lucky winner of an back-in-the-day hottie. Modern men aren't as open to a girl with a "lil extra meat on her bones" anyway. And you really should consider Culloden as a setting/event. Besides, the fact that I'm a bit obsessed with the era, showing Alex first hand why he should be proud to be a Scot would go a long ways towards showing him he needs to be honest and help preserve his heritage.

No matter what path you chose, I'm sure it will be wonderful! Go Tess Go!!! Happy Writing! :)

Tess Mallory said...

I like the way you think, girlfriend! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful suggestions! I agree with ALL of them! :)) I've been thinking that Rachel could have a lot of fun with a Highland hottie! And Alex, dear Alex, I just love him in spite of his thieving ways! We'll just have to redeem him, won't we? heh heh.

Thanks Nikki! :))

My Writer's Attic said...

I totally agree with Nikki. I can't wait for Rachel's story and Allie & Alex would make a great match. Ooohhh! I can't wait!!

Nicole North said...

Thanks for the cute LOL Cats, Tess!!