Something Personal About Shawna

When writing a romance, we authors interview or get to know our characters in many ways. Finding out their world views, beliefs, goals, motivations, etc. Today I thought it would be fun sharing some things you likely don't know about me.

1. Something that scares me—Spiders and snakes. Cannot stand being near either of those. But I love Jim Stafford’s song about them.

2. Most interesting article of clothing—While on vacation in Vermont, I found a sassy sarong that, when worn a certain way, doubles as pants. They have delightful fringes at the bottom and have been hand-dyed in a stunning Indian-inspired print.

3. What I cannot tolerate watching on television—Reruns. Excessive violence. Most commercials.

4. Something I ate/drank that was out of the ordinary—I once indulged in a cocoa beverage infused with pepper and some other spices. Very appealing and delicious.

5. My unique hobby—Researching ancient and unique sexual positions. Finding haunted properties and visiting them while on vacation.

6. Unique talent—If I hear a person’s voice once and know their name, I'm usually able to identify them later simply by hearing them say a few words.

7. Things I love/hate—I love the awesome way I feel after a more intense cardio workout but despise sweating. I’m excited when an item I want or need is discounted, but I hate fighting crowds during special sales. This is especially true at Christmas. Love to shop but hate Christmas shopping and always have 99% of the gifts purchased well before Labor Day. Enjoy traveling but dislike doing any of the driving. Love large gatherings and parties but cannot stand crowded malls.

8. Most wonderful thing to recently happen in my life--While making my way from the train track to the upper level at Penn Station, a sexy gentleman offered to carry my heavy suitcase (says the woman who can never pack light). When he set down my luggage, he brushed his fingers over the back of my hand and maintained eye contact. Suffice it to say I knew I had to catch a cab, and catch up with my friend, but I was truly tempted to linger on that station level--and get to know him on a deeper level :)

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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Natasha said...

OOh, Shawna! Think we'll be seeing a close encounter in a train station in a story of yours soon???

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Shawna, you should have done what I did! Asked if he wanted a hot romance! Okay, so the story was I was at a book signing and I had said it to a couple of women, and when a guy came in, I inadvertantly, yeah it was inadvertant, said it to the guy. He was tickled. Said he hadn't been asked anything like that in eons. Came back later all grins still and said it was the nicest thing anyone had proposed to him in ages. LOL :)

Baby Gift Basket said...

So Shawna perhaps your love and romance is just taking a kick is an adventure and the best way to deal with it is live unprepared and respond with spontaneity.

Mia Varano said...

Shawna, I hate spiders too. I've passed the fear along to my oldest son. My husband can always get us to scream and run away when he squishes a spider with a paper towel and then chases us with it. Yes, he's a sadistic man.

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Natasha!

Definitely you'll see my helpful and handsome hero appear in a romance novel one day :) He was so kind. And irresistible. Had the most gorgeous brown eyes capable of staring into the very depths of my soul. Ooooh, how I hated having to catch a cab when I would have loved staying at least a bit longer and chatting with him :)

Blessings and all the best,


ShawnaMoore said...

Hey, Terry!

That is so awesome what happened at your signing! From what I could tell, my sexy luggage-carrying hero was single. I could have played the first-time tourist and inquired if he were willing to give me a tour of Manhattan :) I'll never know what might have been. But that unknown will be the source of many sweet dreams :)

Blessings and all the best,

Shawna -- who's prone to play it cautious with new and prospective relationships

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, BGB!

You've some wonderful advice, and I'm definitely prepared to let more spontaneity into my life since I'm once again single :)

Blessings and all the best,

Shawna -- who'll buffer the spontaneity with sensitively-tuned feminine radar

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Mia!

Hope I never meet your hubby when he's holding a spider LOL I'd totally run the opposite way LOL

Blessings and all the best,


Nicole North said...

Sounds like a wonderful instance of flirting! You should've gotten his card or number. :)

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Nicole!

If only I would have had a few more minutes ... :) Time was definitely my enemy during that temptation. But my wondering what might have been has set up an interesting premise for a future romance novel, though :) My heroine will steer her sexy encounter and situation a bit differently LOL

Happy weekend wishes,