Is Facial Hair Sexy?

My short story, Aphrodite's Fire, is now available from eRed Sage. I love the cover and its tropical look since the story is set on a lush, private island. I also think the guy on the cover is hot! I've already discussed his tattoos on this blog, so now it's time to analyze his facial hair!

I have to admit, I don't usually write heroes with facial hair, but that doesn't mean I don't find facial hair sexy. I think if a man has a moustache, it's better if he also has a beard, but that's just for fiction. My husband has a moustache-only right now after shaving off a goatee kind of thingy, similar to the hero's on my cover. (He shaved it off because it was too gray and he was getting tired of coloring it.) But I'm reading a book now where the hero has a moustache and he keeps stroking it in an unfortunate way that reminds me Snidely Whiplash. It's kind of creeping me out.

Then there's Brad Pitt. I don't at all like him with a moustache. I don't know if he grew the frumpy-looking 'stache he has now for a role or what, but it makes him look like a dumpy middle-aged man. (Ugh, I hope David Beckham doesn't grow one of those. It's bad enough he's thinking of leaving us for Milan!)

We also have the "soul patch," that little tuft of hair right below the lower lip and above the chin. My husband had one of those too, and I thought it looked sexy. Bruce Springsteen was criticized recently for performing at the Super Bowl with a soul patch. Now I have a lot of complaints about Bruce, but his soul patch isn't one of them.

OK, probably those ZZ Top beards are not all that sexy. I'd be wondering what's hiding in there! On the opposite end of the ZZ Top beards are the stubble or scruff. I think Don Johnson in Miami Vice popularized this look - gives the impression that a man just rolled out of bed. Now THAT'S sexy! I always have at least one scene in my books where the hero shows up with a stubble.

I'm also wondering if facial hair is in correlation to chest hair (that is if the man doesn't wax his chest as so many of our romance cover models do!). My husband can grow a full beard if he wants and has a decent amount of chest hair. I dated a guy once who had a moustache but couldn't grow a beard. He also had no chest hair. Hmm, inquiring minds want to know - maybe I should get a research grant for the subject.

How about it? Do you like your men hairy or not?


Nicole North said...

Good topic, Mia! I'm picky about men's facial hair. I like those trim little goatees like the hero on this cover has. (My husband has one of those and when it gets too long I complain :).) I think a soul patch is probably the sexiest facial hair a man can have. I don't like full bushy beards. I also love those devilish looking beard/mustache combos like Oded Fehr used to have. Very neat and trim. The beard part runs close to the jaw line. In fact, I wrote a hero who looked exactly like him and everyone kept saying facial hair isn't allowed in romance. Grr! :) I don't like a lot of chest hair on a man.

Sandy said...

Ah, Mia, me and facial don't go together. Probably because as I age I'm starting to get a bunch that I have to pluck.

Men with facial hair is fine as long as it's not straggly.

Jordanne Ford said...

I love goatees, dbf has a mustache. He threatened to grow his beard this winter, but since it grows in white, he hasn't followed through. Thankfully.

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Terrific topic, Mia!! Personally, I like men without. My vampires can't grow facial hair. Have you ever seen a bearded vampire? Can't even imagine it. But now, werewolves, I allowed a couple to have beards, although they're not the heroes and when they become heroes, off goes the beard. :) Poor guys. But kissing mustached guys and getting some stuck too your lip is realllllly yucky. :)

Mia Varano said...

Nicole, I have to agree - I like a goatee and soul patch.

Sandy - you're too funny! Thanks goodness for waxing and electrolysis!

Jordanne, that's my husband too - he likes a goatee (and so do I), but his comes in gray and he doesn't like that.

Terry, I wondered about those werewolf heroes! If vampires can't grow facial hair, how come they have all that luscious hair on their heads?

Katie Reus said...

I love a man with facial hair as long as it fits his face. My hubby has a beard and lurve it! Sometimes he threatens to shave but so far he hasn't ;)

Mia Varano said...

Katie, I can't decide if facial hair makes a man look younger or older. I think it depends on the face. Glad you enjoy your hubby's beard.

Julie Robinson said...

I love my men hairy!
Hmmm, maybe I should say "my man hairy" instead.

Chiron said...

Hey Carol!

Hmm... Facial hair is not my favorite, I must admit. I think the slightly scruffy look is sexy to look at, but I'd rather be planting my lips on a clean-shaven man. *grin*

Hairy chests are fine up to a point. No 'werewolves' for me! *laughs*