It's Pouring, Under Flash Flood Watches, and the Book is Done!

antenna bee 046 (674x593)
Honeybee on wildflowers
Note the sacks on her back legs full of golden pollen? She has pollen on his antennae too and a soft dusting of gold pollen all over her body. These are wildflowers, the last before it gets cold. Wait, it’s supposed to get cold? Ha!

wings detail bee 051 (800x717) closeAnd this picture of the little honeybee shows her wings as she held them still for a few seconds. I really went out to take pictures of the last wildflowers of the season, but had fun capturing her too.
wings fuzzd bee 049 (800x604)

snail in the rain 011 (800x534)
Snail on the run…
snail in the rain 004 (800x548)
wet puppies, downpours 001 (800x534)
Drenching rains mean wet potty breaks
flooded fields 003 (800x533)
Flooded fields and the rain is still coming down
flooded fields 005 (800x533)
Yard is flooded too, but I could only take these pictures under cover. It’s still pouring.

Snails and toads are loving it! Puppies NOT. I have to carry each of them out into the rain repeatedly before they finally give in and potty. lol


Which means I’m puppy watching in the pouring rain. For each of them. But we did need rain!
I did manage to finish Jaguar Christmas!!!! Off to work on Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing revisions so I can turn it in. And then the print version of Taming the Wild Cougar. And then, I’m FREE!!! For an hour or so. I have a couple of promo blogs to do.
We're under Flash Flood Watches through Sunday evening. Have a great day! :)

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