The King's Speech

I’ve been toying with the format I will be using soon to post book reviews here and thought today would be a good day to try out one of my options to see how it works. I still don’t have a review symbol, although I’m leaning toward something related to dragons or maybe something specific to each book.

Today I’m going to use a movie instead of a book because movies are on my mind right now. There are so many I want to see this summer, including Bridesmaids, The Hangover 2, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows 2 (yeah, I know that I’m not a fan of the series, but the previews had TONS of special effects), Thor, and, of course, Pirates of the Caribbean 4. A friend just recommended Kung Fu Panda 2; however, true to my nature, I’ll probably just wait until they come to the video stores as a five day rental and that way I’ll fill my winter nights with movie watching with Hubby, who loves the blasted things beyond all rational thought. That will leave me more time for reading this summer, which I desperately need. To write is to read and to read is to write, etc., etc. etc.

On to the review!

My first victim, er, subject, is The King’s Speech, an Oscar-winning movie we just rented last month. Here goes…

Title: The King’s Speech

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Format: DVD

My Rating: 5/5 crowns

Brief Synopsis:

The man who would become King George VI of Britain after his brother’s surprising abdication struggles with a disabling speech impediment until he’s introduced to a speech therapist whose unconventional methods give him new hope.

If you like…

Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, British movies, history, stories about royalty, movies based on real life, movies about language disorders

You will probably like this movie.

If you don’t like…

Slower-moving stories, straining to hear and untangle British and Australian accents, movies about royalty or history

You will probably not like this movie.

Overall: I am quite fond of this movie. However, I should tell you that I’m a huge Geoffrey Rush fan and that I like Brit flicks as a matter of course. With that being said, I would recommend The King’s Speech to people who enjoy a quietly absorbing look at the struggles of those born to rule the masses and those drawn into their orbit. It’s a subtle telling of a man facing a lifelong challenge of overcoming a speech impediment, not only for himself, but for the millions of people who depend on him to be their monarch when his brother abdicates to marry a divorcee (remember the Wallis Simpson scandal?).

This peek into the lives Queen Elizabeth II’s parents not only gives insights into the lives of the royal family, but also presents an interesting historical context: World War II looms on the horizon as the monarchy faces scandal and the man who would suddenly be king has to find a way to overcome a language disorder that’s baffled doctors for years or face losing the support of his countrymen. Like many British dramas, this one boasts dry humor scattered throughout and superb acting. Colin Firth did an amazing job of portraying someone who stutters, and Geoffrey Rush is exquisite as Lionel Logue, the speech therapist who is not who he appears to be initially. Helena Bonham Carter excels as Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother now, I believe), loving wife and the epitome of royal protocol. Since this movie is about royalty, I’m using crowns for our symbol. I give it 5/5 crowns.

So, what do you think? Like the “If you” format? Please e-mail or comment and let me know. Also, if anyone as seen the movie and wants to agree or disagree, please comment. The more the merrier!

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Natasha Moore said...

I loved The King's Speech. I'm also a big Geoffrey Rush fan, AND a Colin Firth fan. It was an incredible movie and I agree with your 5/5.