Five Gold Crowns and Recommended Read for Kilted Lover

I had to share this amazing new review for Kilted Lover from The Readers Roundtable.

When kilted cabertosser Scott MacPherson tosses Leslie Livingston over his shoulder to rescue her from two armed thieves trying to steal her priceless amulet, they are thrust into a deadly but sexy adventure. Though Leslie already has a lukewarm, uninterested boyfriend, her attraction to Scott is whitehot and undeniable. She wants to lick this tall, muscular alpha male all over and explore the depths of eroticism with him. But will he want anything more than one night once the danger is behind them?
Beth’s Review:
Does it get any better than a handsome hero that not only comes to your rescue, but tosses you over his shoulder and hauls you off like a caveman?…and he’s actually wearing a kilt? Ooh, that’s just scrumptious!
Leslie’s boring boyfriend goes golfing and leaves Leslie to contend with a couple thieves trying to steal her amulet. Too late, she realizes their intent, and the fact that they’re armed. Handsome, kilt-wearing Scott comes to her rescue, tosses her over his shoulder and hauls her off to his truck, Leslie kicking and screaming all the way. What a way to add a spark to an instant attraction!
Kilted Lover quickly becomes very erotic when Leslie and Scott find themselves in a docked boat with extremely close quarters and a couple dozen condoms. Add in a couple of exhibitionist neighbors and the sexual tension explodes into a sexual awakening for Leslie and Scott. There’s quite a bit of sizzling-hot sex and if you’re anything like me, you just may need to turn on your air-conditioning to cool you off (yowza!)
I was delighted with Kilted Lover and I highly recommend it!
Rated 5 Gold Crowns and a Recommended Read by Beth!
Yay! Thanks so much, Beth!! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!


Teresa Reasor said...

My-my-my, he does look good.
Teresa R.

Nicole North said...

Thanks for checking it out, Teresa!!