Guest: Annie Rayburn's Eye Candy Inspiration & Book Giveaway!
Annie Rayburn is no stranger to the oddities of the writing life. Perhaps it was the hot Texas sun, or the long, lazy days of summer that fueled her vivid imagination. Whatever the muse, she grew up with scenes playing in her head and imaginary playmates taking over the show while she patted out mud cookies dotted with Chinaberries.
The stories she crafts today are decidedly more adult than the ones that involved Ken and Barbie. The scenes still play in her head, the characters argue with her right to craft their very existence, but she’s learned to harness their energies, showing them the way through the sensual haze to a love that will endure.
These days, Annie writes for Red Sage Publishing. Her first release with them is Bittersweet Obsessions, an erotic romance with sci-fi and paranormal elements.

When I heard that the Fierce Romance topic for this week was ‘eye candy’, I couldn’t resist showing off my inspiration for the guys in Bittersweet Obsessions. Yes, I said guys (plural) because Teriza, my heroine in Bittersweet Obsessions, is surrounded by hunky guys. (lucky girl!)
The first man we meet in Bittersweet Obsessions is Teriza’s ill-matched life-mate, Deacon. An ambitious landscape designer, Deacon was inspired by model Brett Hollands. Maybe it was simply the plaid shirt Brett’s wearing in this picture, but I knew immediately he was Deacon.
The next hunk to show up in Teriza’s life is her cousin, Brekke, who acts more like a big brother. For Brekke, I found the perfect likeness in Dean Cain.  Are you jealous of Teriza yet?
Teriza’s theraputic lover at a posh Swiss clinic is Klaus. Their first encounter involves a pool and a shower so when I saw this picture of Marcus Schenkenberg, I knew I’d found my Klaus. Yes, I like to think of him as a little bit of mine. (wink, wink)

And finally, Teriza’s love interest shows up. Paul is a Texan who describes himself as a “Clydesdale in a paddock full of racehorses.” I found my likeness for Paul in movie star, Clive Owen. He’s a bit more rugged than the pretty boys in her life, but he appeals to Teriza like no one else.

I’m totally jealous of Teriza! How about you?
One commenter will win a copy of Annie's ebook!
Please visit Annie online:
Twitter:  annie_rayburn
36 Responses
  1. Woohoo, Annie!!! I'm so excited for you and your newest release! And uhm, thanks so much for the nice early wake up! Eye candy is always much appreciated!!! May your sales soar to the moon!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I thought Duncan was pretty hunky until I got my first look at Paul. He shoved Duncan out of the picture. Hot, hot, hot. Great read!

    Susan Carlisle

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with Susan, as I went down the list of photos they kept getting hunkier. Congratulations on your new release. All of your blogging sisters at the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales are so excited for you.

    Marilyn Baron

  4. Nicole North Says:

    Thanks so much for being our guest today, Annie! I definitely enjoyed your eye candy, especially the wet guy. ;)

  5. HI Annie - Congrats! Cannot wait to get my hands on your new release. Very unfair of your heroine though, I am still recovering fromt he guy in the shower - HOT!!!

  6. Thank you, Terry! If only every prospective reader could get a glimpse of these pictures, I've no doubt those sales would soar. :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Ladies, congratulate Susan! She was just offered a two-book contract with Harlequin's Medical Romance line!

    So glad you enjoyed the hunky guys in Bittersweet Obsessions, Susan.

  9. Thanks, Marilyn! (Author of A Choir of Angels) I'll see you tonight at the BHB chat.

  10. LOL, Jennifer. Yes, the real life Marcus is uber hawt, isn't he?

    In Bittersweet Obsessions, Teriza is angry with her situation. She checks every 'perfect man' trait she can think as required for her sexual surrogate, and is pleasantly surprised with Klaus!

    I'd be 'pleasantly surprised' too! Whoo!!!

  11. Hi, Nicole! Thanks so much for having me here. Wet guy = Marcus = Klaus in Bittersweet Obsessions.

    I must confess to having a teensy little obsession with him myself. ;)

  12. Nicole North Says:

    Awesome! Congratulations Susan!!

  13. Roz Lee Says:

    Congrats on the new release, Annie!! And thanks for the eye candy. What a way to begin my day!

  14. Sigh. Times four. But Paul is the real man of the bunch, hands down. Or elsewhere. Mmmmm.....

  15. Cameo Brown Says:

    Nice pix! Good luck with your book!

  16. Randy Says:

    Okay, I'm torn! Love the Clydesdale description of Paul, but I'm a sucker for Dean Cain. Can I have both, please??

  17. Thanks, Roz! Glad I could start your day off right. :D

  18. Hi, Carol K. Thanks for stopping by. Teriza very much agrees with you.

  19. LOL, Randy! Teriza might fight you for Paul, but the Dean Cain character, Brekke is very much available.

    Hmm...maybe I should do something about that one of these days. ;)

  20. Liz Falkner Says:

    I believe I could take Teriza in a fight for these men! LOL.

    Seriously, I love to know author's inspiration for their characters and these photos certainly don't disappoint!!!

  21. These hunks stirred up your blood a little bit, did they, Liz???

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, Annie. They're all great, but Klaus. He's the stuff dreams are made of. Congrats on your publication. I hope any more in your future.

    Sia Huff

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Many more in your future -- I meant many, many more. Sorry.


  24. Pamela Mason Says:

    HeLL-Oooo Klaus!

    I could stand it. Yes, I would make the sacrifice and throw myself in front of Klaus' bus.

    So long as there's therapy involved....

  25. Congratulations, Annie!! Love the pics. I'm in the Klaus camp. :)

    I wouldn't mind seeing Brekke get his own story. ;)

    And a BIG congratulations to Susan. Way to go!

  26. Liz Falkner Says:

    Oh, most definitely Annie!!!

  27. Finally home from the edj and can give you a belated welcome! Can't wait to read Bittersweet Obsessions! Of course, the eye candy inspiration didn't hurt either :)

  28. I am a HUGE Dean Cain fan!!! Seriously, you have to write him a story. I SOOOO want to read that one.

    The other guys are awesome, too. Love the shower guy but am really digging Clive Owen. I'll be Googling him later....

    This story just keeps sounding better and better. I have two more book reviews to write before I can read it. I might have to cheat......

    Thanks so much for sharing you "men" with us. I LOVE seeing the inspiration pictures for the characters I've read.

    Too cool and major congrats on the sale!

    Tami ;-)

  29. AND a major congrats to SUSAN!!!!

    I'm thrilled for you, girl!



  30. Ha,ha, Sia! I knew what you meant girl. Or at least, I hoped I knew... LOL! It's all good!

  31. Oh, Pamela, there's the BEST kind of therapy involved. Don't you suddenly feel really, really ill, in need of some TLC, er...therapy? ;)

  32. Thanks, Darcy!

    LOL, Liz. I wondered if you'd see my reply.

  33. Hey, Natasha! Long time, no talk. Glad you enjoyed the candy I brought to the table.

  34. Thank you, Tami. Dean definitely has a look I can endure for awhile, y'know? He's yummy. Oh, heck, I think they all are or I wouldn't have chosen them for inspiration, now would I?

    So, you think Brekke should get his own story, too, eh? I have bee toying with an idea...

  35. Sheesh! Make that 'have BEEN toying with an idea...'

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