Guest Interview: Trixie Stilletto

I'm so happy to welcome a longtime (I won't say "old" LOL) friend of mine, Trixie Stilletto, to visit with our Fierce Romance readers.

Trixie, please tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

I write erotic romance with a kiss of humor and currently have books out with Amber Quill Press and Phaze. I write non-erotic romance as Karen Troxel and have five romance novels available as well.

You have so many hot, funny stories out there. Tell us about your latest release.

I have two erotic romances I’d like to talk about. One is a contemporary comedy called “The Peter Heater” about a yarn shop owner and a millionaire.
Priscilla Destiny has nearly given up on her business. Sales have been slow, making for another miserable Christmas. Then she crashes her car into the barn of a remote mountain cabin. On Christmas Eve. Things couldn't possibly get any worse. Or can they?

Losing a million dollars has shaken more than Peter Chance's confidence. He trusted someone and look where it got him—alone in the Carolina mountains with a serious problem on his hands. "Erectile dysfunction" used to be a term he occasionally heard on late-night TV. Now those two little words have become his physical reality. That is, until curvy Priscilla crashes into his barn. Just looking at her tennis shoes gets him excited, and things start looking up...and up...and up.

Priscilla's stuck with a gorgeous guy who can't seal the deal, but she's not going to let another Christmas disaster stop her from taking control of her life. After all, she's great with her hands. When it comes to knitting, that is. And she's about to prove to Peter that a well-spun yarn can heat up more than his lonely little cabin...

I also have sci-fi , romantic comedy called “The Martian Affair” about a hunky space cop, a BBW trying to find her way and a colony on Mars with a skin tone problem and a habit of kidnapping women to be their wives.

The Universe may be different in 3535, but Stella Bright is just a big, beautiful young woman trying to find her place in it. Although rogue interstellar cop Indiana Jameson didn't ask her nicely, going with him to Mars and helping him solve a case seems right up her alley. Except there's more to Indy than just business...

Indiana is working way off the ISP books because this case is personal. He's certain he can control the situation if he can just keep his mind on the job and off Stella's tempting mouth and luscious body.

It's a tough assignment, but Stella's mother always told her not to judge a planet by its privates. A man, on the other hand... 

You like to write humor into your stories, but do you have any funny stories about your road to publication?

Well, there’s the story on how I chose my pen name. Natasha Moore, me, and eight of our closest friends, were riding the train from Buffalo to Manhattan for a romance writer conference just after I signed my first contract for an erotic romance short story. I said to my friends that I really couldn’t write under my name (Karen Troxel) because my mother would never forgive me. We started brainstorming possible names for me. Someone said Trixie and we took a poll of the other passengers (a large number of them men) who seemed to really like the idea of a Trixie. So, Trixie I became. Much later I learned that women like the name too. Except it seems a large number of them own toy dogs and Trixie is apparently the name of choice So, whenever I’m walking down the street now and I hear my name, I never know if it’s someone calling me or their Schnoodle to dinner.

LOL! What element of story creation is your favorite? (Character? Setting? Plot? Etc.) Why?

I like characters. They always come to me first and then I worry about setting and plot. Romance, above all else, is the story of two people meeting, falling and love and hoping for the forever after. The rest is just extra.

You write some very unique characters. What would your readers be surprised to find out about you?

That I’m a bad photographer but I love to bore people with my travel pictures.

If you could be one of your characters for a day, who would it be and why?

Right now, I think I would like to be the character in the story I just finished. Brenda Morrelli, who has found her way back from some troubles and started a new life in Montana. (It’s been a hot summer in Tennessee, so I think being in the cool mountains of Montana sounds pretty darn good about now.

You should come back to western New York LOL! Most people think a writer’s life is really glamorous. What’s the least glamorous thing you’ve done in the past week?

Other than clean up after my pets (a beagle who thinks she is a diva and a kitten who thinks he’s Spiderman)? Basically I’m boring. I run errands, cook, try to watch my weight, exercise occasionally and write stories that would probably get me put in a padded room if I lived in another era. Since I don’t, I just hunker down in my little cave and play make-believe.

I'm glad you're writing more stories. What can we look forward to from you in the future?

Well, I just finished Brenda’s story, titled “Saddling Brenda”. I’m also working on a new piece that features a klutzy photojournalist and a hunky athlete. After that, well, we’ll just have to see…

Where can our readers find out more about you?

If you dare, you can find me at I also hang out with a fine group of writers at . If you’re really brave you can visit my travel blog ( and see some of those bad photos I’m talking about.

Do you have anything you’d like to ask our readers?

How do you like your love? With laughter or without?


Miranda Baker said...

Great interview! I like my love with laughter. A good sense of humor is a very sexy quality in a person.

Helen said...

Loved the interview. Like Miranda, I like my love with laughter. I think that's what makes life and romance even better.

Carly Carson said...

Ha! Good story about the men and Trixie. I have to go check out your travel blog as I'm going to be blogging here about some of my recent travels. I'm not the best photographer either but pictures are always nice anyway.

Natasha Moore said...

It's been fun to have you here today! And I can't imagine love without laughter...

Nicole North said...

Fantastic interview Trixie and Natasha!! I love humor blended with hot romance!

Trixie Stilletto said...

Hey guys, thanks for stopping bye and commenting! Carly, you're braver than most to check out my blog. I'm a little lame about posting there but don't be afraid to tell me what you think! Glad to see so many of you agree with me that love and laughter go together like, well, peanut butter and jelly!