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I've just received a truly awesome review from JERR (Just Erotic Romance Reviews) for Laird of Darkness. 4 1/2 stars.
"Duncan McDougall is known as the Laird of Darkness. He is the boogeyman used to scare the highland children, and the nightmare that awaits the unwary. He and his half-brother, Laird Kinnon MacClaren are sworn enemies. Blessed by their fae mother, Kinnon was given the secret to escaping the fae curse that torments Duncan. Driven to near madness by the curse, Duncan takes Kinnon’s fiancé, Lady Alana Forbes, hostage. She is to be exchanged for the golden bow and arrows that will free Duncan from his hell.
What a wonderfully, sexy book this is! I absolutely loved everything about Laird of Darkness. One of the things that scare me off trying new historicals is the fear of weak heroines. Not so in this book. Alana was just as strong willed as both men and not timid in the least. Nor was she a quivering virgin who whimpered and thought of England. Duncan was the epitome of a sexy Scottish highlander, yet he had a vulnerable side that was very appealing. I just love a misunderstood bad boy, and by the end of the book, Duncan had vaulted himself into my favorite all time heroes list. The author, Nicole North, did an outstanding job of keeping the sexual interaction true to the time period, and still managed to make it intensely erotic to today’s sophisticated reader. Alana and Duncan set ye olde bed linens on fire, a lot. I really liked the fact that there was no true villain in this story. The ending left the door open for a more settled relationship between Duncan and Kinnon, which I would love to read about. If Kinnon’s story does come to pass I will definitely be on board." Wendy Mitchell at JERR
Now for the eye candy, since this is eye candy week here at Fierce Romance. First, my hot new cover!

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  1. Donna Goode Says:

    I LOVE the kilted man candy, Nicole! (Even the last guy :-))I can't wait to see some of those 2500 pictures you took in Scotland--you lucky duck!!! (Two trips in one year should be illegal.)

  2. Congratulations on the great review and the new cover!

    I loved the man candy. I bet you can't guess which was my favorite. =D

    Congrats again, Nicole.

  3. Nicole, you had me swooning with the GB pic. I was stuck there for a while before I scrolled down any further.

    And I can believe you have my two favorite cover models on your books: Sam Bond and Jimmy Thomas. You are one lucky woman!

    Thanks for the great eye candy!

  4. Great review, Nicole. Both of your covers are yummy! And eye candy is always good in the morning. :)

  5. Alexa Says:

    YUM! Oh, and great review too! :P

  6. Nicole North Says:

    Donna, thanks!! LOL I can't wait to start sharing new Scotland pics, once I have them uploaded to this computer.

  7. Nicole North Says:

    Casey, thanks!! I know who your favorite is! He's my favorite too! ;)

  8. Nicole North Says:

    Renee, I know. GB is so inspiring! I've been so lucky with the hot covers and my publishers have been so generous! Thanks!

  9. Nicole North Says:

    Thanks Dawn! I'm so glad you like them!

  10. Nicole North Says:

    Thanks Alexa! I wanted to inspire everyone (who writes Scottish stories) with kilted eye candy. LOL

  11. Funny. I can easily pretend that last one was in a kilt. Yummy! And leave it to GB to be in a kilt, pink top, and STILL be hot!!!

  12. You do know how to keep one of your students happy, don't you?! :) HE is so cute in a kilt and I thank ye.

    That book cover is goin' to melt my new Kindle for sure, Nicole. It is so yummy!! The cover gods were smiling on you with that one. Cannot wait to read it... sigh

  13. Nicole North Says:

    Absolutely, Michelle! I think he could wear anything... or not. ;)

  14. Nicole North Says:

    Thanks, Paisley! I hope you enjoy! Keep some ice water close by. ;) I love sharing pics of GB. He is very popular, with good reason.

  15. Wow! Lots of great eye candy, Nicole. Fabulous review, too, but I'm not surprised with your writing talent.

  16. Nicole North Says:

    Thanks so much Carol/ Annie!! :)

  17. Glad you liked the review and I loved the book. I will absolutely will be watching for more.

  18. Nicole North Says:

    Oh thanks, Blue Shedevil!! I'm working on the next installment about Kinnon. :)

  19. OH MY FREAKING GAAAAWWWWDDDD Nicole! you never disappoint me!!! Mmmm oh man, the one guy who is looking down at his feet, I swear I see his....yeah...okay so it's peaking up you know. I NOTICED!!!

    And the guy scratching his butt LOL, I would love to be that hand. I will take care of that itch and anything else!

  20. Nicole North Says:

    Lizzie, LOL! You naughty girl!!! You're right. I hadn't noticed what he was looking at. LOL Yeah, I like the butt scratching guy too. :)

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