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Yes, I'm short, but I don't mean that kind of writing short. :) The other day we had a call for short stories from one of my editors, and I had been wanting to unload my computer of short stories I've already written. But three of the ones I like best--because they're paranormal--have already been published, although I do have the rights back. I just sold "Trick or Treat" to True Romance.

So I was looking at some of my other stories--really great beginnings, however, they already have too many plot threads to turn into short stories. So what makes a short story a good read, but still short? I was just talking to an author friend who says he always has too much story to tell to write them short. And another who said she loves writing short, but can't wait for the day to write long.

I write both because I love the variety. To take a single plot line, a few really great characters and make a story come to life is the ultimate goal for a short story. Or several plots/subplots, lots of twists and turns and write a full length novel.

But I'm lazy. I have tons of story starts, and several short stories. I want one of them to work. After editing Deidre's Secret all day yesterday, editing a partial for another editor, a blurb for yet another, and working on Allure of the Wolf, trying to wrap my mind around another story--and make it short, isn't working. I hate it when I have no control. I'm the writer, right? It's my story.


One that I was working on last night, that's already over the word count for a short story limit--is great. I love it. I've trimmed some of the extraneous stuff and not so extraneous stuff, but the problem is still, I have too many plot threads. Too many, and there's not enough time to tie up all the loose ends. And I love the way I've started it, so, that means it'll just have to be a longer story.

Back to the drawing board. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to just have to give in, bite the bullet, and---heaven forbid, start a new story.
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