Happy 4th from Wilde and Woolly Bears!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!!!

Eagle Scout Bear pictured at left, center--Patriotic Patrick featured in Teddy Bear Review Magazine, and Texas Patriotic Bear, right, featured in Texas Monthly Magazine. :)

The 4th means so much more to me than fireworks and hot dogs--my son is in NYC this weekend with fellow AFROTC cadets taking a break from his AF training and watched the fireworks there. But he and others like him who have served in the Armed Forces, are on Active Duty, or are in training, I salute you. For that's what the 4th is all about--freedom and independence, and our soldiers making it possible. :)

Terry Spear, retired from the US Army Reserves

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Elen Grey said...

Yes, and I was thinking about my adopted soldier -- army -- yesterday, for I am a Soldiers' Angel. Grin. My sweetie was Air Force.

I wish your son and his mates only the best.

Great bears, Terry.

Nicole North said...

Best of luck to your son! And of course your bears are awesome!