Where's the Barf Bag?

In just a few days, I will be boarding my first cruise ship, The Norwegian, along with my sister. It will also her first cruise. I have no idea what to expect, so I am both anxious and excited about the whole thing. Unlike another sister of mine, who along with her husband, has ridden the ocean waves many times and been on many different cruises, I haven't a clue. So I've been asking her questions, lots of questions. By now she more than likely winces when she sees my number come up!

But the BIGGEST reason I'm nervous about the trip, is that I have motion sickness, and afraid I will end up being seasick and have a terrible time. Living in the curvy mountains of Western North Carolina, my poor father pulled off the road more times than I could count to allow me to throw up. I have a good friend who is kind enough to keep quart size bags stashed in the console of her car, but ends up pulling over more often than not. Carnival rides that go round are a no-no.
I've ridden on pontoons, a short ship ride from Charleston to Fort Sumter, and a couple of ferry rides in Scotland. Sometimes I had nausea, but thankfully, didn't barf.
Do you see my dilemma? Wish me luck! I'll need all I can get!



Carly Carson said...

Here's my experience. I have motion sickness, esp. on boats. I went on one cruise. I didn't feel sick unless I was exercising (on an elliptical). On the bright side, I lost five pounds in one week despite eating anything I wanted! (I'm sure my appetite was reduced.)

Vonda Sinclair said...

Great post! By the way, those are gallon sized ziplock bags I keep in the console for your barfing pleasure. LOL!! Sorry, I know it isn't funny. I'll remember to pack a couple for Scotland. :) When I was a kid, I got motion sick all the time. Now I find the only time it happens in cars is if I read. I don't do well on some rides, like the gondola thing in Scotland that goes up in the air up the side of the mountain. I didn't feel well after that. I haven't attempted amusement park rides in many years. Boats don't seem to bother me. Good luck! Hope you have a fantastic time!

Gwyn Brodie said...

Carly, I'd love to lose some weight on this cruise, but I hope I don't throw up!

Gwyn Brodie said...

Vonda, thanks for keeping the bags around and putting up with my motion sickness!