My Brave Highlander in French!

The French translation of My Brave Highlander, Le Guerrier Intrepide, published by Bragelonne Milady, has been released!

The description in French: Lady Isobel Mackenzie est une jeune fiancée qui repousse les avances de son futur beau-frère. Après une dispute qui tourne mal, elle prend la fuite et rencontre le robuste Dirk Mackay, de retour au pays après une longue absence. Dirk se souvient de la belle Isobel qu'il a toujours désirée, mais s interdit de la courtiser, car elle est promise à un autre. Charmée par ce futur chef de clan, elle ne souhaite pas lui attirer d'ennuis et part chez son frère. Il décide alors de l'accompagner, mais cette ensorcelante lady enflamme la passion du guerrier, éprouvant à chaque tournant son honneur.

The description roughly translated into English by Google and myself: Lady Isobel Mackenzie is a young bride who rejects the advances of her future brother-in-law. After a fight gone bad, she runs away and meets the robust Dirk Mackay, coming back home after a long absence. Dirk remembers the beautiful Isobel he always desired but was forbidden to woo because she is promised to another. Charmed by this future chieftain, she does not want to get him into trouble and plans to go home to her brother. She decides to accompany Dirk, but this bewitching lady ignites the passion of the warrior, testing his honor at every turn.

The reviews are coming in! Here is the first one I've found (by Line) and translated:

Here finally is the third... part of "Adventures of the Highlands." Like the second book, I could not wait to get my hands on it. I love this author because she has the gift of describing exciting, breathtaking adventures.

In this third installment, the reader follows the Scottish adventures of Dirk MacKay and Isobel MacKenzie. After ten years of absence and after faking his own death (after two assassination attempts on his person), Dirk MacKay decides to return home to be with his dying father. Then, on the way, he mets Lady Isobel MacKenzie. The latter is none other than his childhood friend he has always loved since his childhood. Now she is on the run after rejecting the advances of her future brother-in-law, Nolan MacLeod. Dirk decides to rescue her and take her back to her brother. A consuming, forbidden passion arises between the hero and heroine. Dirk can't woo Isobel because she is already promised to the future head of the MacLeod clan. However, the MacLeods have always been their allies. Also, he is desperate to prevent a war between the two clans. The honor and loyalty of Dirk will be put to the test, facing the return to his family, the plotting of his stepmother, who remains his enemy within his clan, and especially against the young and captivating Isobel, with nothing to diminish his feelings towards her.

I was captivated by the story from beginning to end. Unlike the first two parts, there is less fighting and more room for intrigue in the plot which gives the novel a somewhat darker side. Although humor lacks a bit in this novel, the fact remains that the pages turn by themselves. We find, with pleasure, the style of the author and the atmosphere of the Highlands. Dirk embodies the brave and formidable warrior who flies to the rescue of a young and beautiful lady. Behind this lies a honorable man, loyal, kind and gentle. As for Isobel, she is a courageous young woman, determined, who dreams of making a love match and especially is irresistibly attracted to this young warrior. However, she did not have a say when presented with her future husband. The story is entertaining, no downtime, twists throughout and easy to read. If you've read and enjoyed the first two volumes of this captivating saga, you'll love this one..."

Thank you, Line!!

The English version of My Brave Highlander is available at Amazon, B&N, Kobo and most other online bookstores in print or ebook.

The audio book version is available at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes! You can listen to a 5 minute sample there.

Thank you!!

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